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1/27/12 8:45 A

Even though emotions have absolutely nothing to do with food, we all eat for certain reasons (if we're not eating because we're hungry). Stressed out...then I want salty snacks and sweet treats. Celebrations---taking the kids out for ice cream---everything we do has become so wrapped up in what we eat to deal with eat, when eating should have nothing to do with it. I'm trying to learn to separate my emotions from my want of food. It is a hard and long process.

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1/26/12 5:49 P

I'm a 'happy eater'. When something great happens, it's like I want to go out and celebrate and use that as an excuse to go wild food-wise. Because, afterall, I can just start again (for the 1 millionth time) on monday, right? Then the logical-evil voice comes in and says, "It would be wrong NOT to celebrate at a time like this! You can always just start on monday, and whatever you eat will be gone by then." If I'm sad, lonely, or depressed, I can go a looong time without splurging on anything. When hubby was deployed, I got down to 110lbs. I missed him terribly, didn't feel like leaving the house, but looked on the bright side at my weight and how awesome I'd look when he'd see me. But, as the day approached, I got more and more happy, more excited, and it started. I'd start snacking. Giving in to the cravings. Wanting to go out and celebrate because he'd be home in just 2 more weeks. The excuses always revolved around being happy, and wanting to celebrate. So, it came as no surprise that I gained weight.
And of course, now that he's home all the time, I'm MUCH happier, and (sigh) the weight gain only proves it.

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1/22/12 11:43 P

*HUGS* I'm a military wife also, and I've used eating as a way to manage my emotions. He was spending a lot of time away from home. TDY's, deployments, volunteer missions. He missed the birth of our 3rd daughter because he volunteered to go on a TDY. I was a huge mess. I was anxious, depressed and just eating all the time. Well, I just got tired of it. None of my clothes were fitting. I've been recording my food for the past several months. It has helped out SOO much. At the time, one cookie here, one cookie there doesn't seem like much, but it adds up soooo fast over the course of the day. So just try a food journal. After the first week, I looked at what I was eating, and what I could kick out and substitute with what. I have replaced a lot of the crap food in the house with healthier foods. Do you still go to the gym now that he is home? Also, if you decide to journal your food, you could write down any notes, maybe find out what is triggering your eating specifically?

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1/21/12 10:51 P

When my husband was deployed, I joined a gym and went all the time to help deal with the feelings of depression, missing him, etc. as well as to fight the boredom. I wasn't going to lose weight or anything, I just went because it was something to do to get my mind off of how much deployments SUCK. Before I knew it, I was wearing size 2 jeans and weighed 115lbs. I felt great. I invited my folks to fly down and be with me on the day of homecoming. I was so excited and happy that the deployment was coming to an end, I started eating more, and working out less. I cleaned the whole house, including the car. I was ecstatic, and the day to pick my folks up at the airport was coming quick. When the day came to pick hubby up, I was on cloud 9. I had gained some weight, but I shrugged and told myself it was temporary. During my folk's 2-week stay, we went everywhere and did (and ate) everything. When my folks flew back home, we had some alone time which was great, but still I was on cloud 9. We ate. We bought junk food to eat at home just to celebrate the fact that it happened to be a friday. Same thing for Saturday. If he was in the mood for something, he'd ask me what I wanted, and I'd use it as an excuse to eat just as bad as him. Not surprisingly, I gained weight. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've started, only to break it on something and figure, "Well, I've already cheated. I might as well REALLY cheat and start on Monday, because really, who starts a diet on saturday?" I can make excuses that seem logical, and convince residents of the north pole that they need a fridge. It's like I have a scam-artist for my inner-voice, and I listen to it because I feel happy, so that's the blank check to eat. Well, I'm trying to break that. It seems with me, it's MUCH easier to lose weight when I'm sad about something. I'm a 'happy eater', and with hubby home now, losing weight is going to be like pulling teeth, because I've missed him so much. But I know I can do it. He's supporting me, coming to the gym with me, as well as eating healthier around me and keeping me on track.
If there's 1 thing I've experienced? Emotions have NOTHING to do with food!!! Now if I could just learn it...

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