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7/21/13 2:59 P

You're strong! You've fought your way to this point. You can get through this!

Have confidence in yourself. Binging won't make you fell better really. If anything it will distract you from your goal of passing that test. So, if you want to indulge, eat some "brain foods." I don't know what those would be, but you always hear about things like that.

(I just looked on the internet and found an article called "Brain Food: Superfoods To Improve Your Cognitive Function."

KOMTRIA Posts: 1,063
7/21/13 1:55 P

Now is the time to step up your self care.You are apprehensive and the urge to binge is a desire to take care of the uncomfortable feelings. Don't just fight the binge put something in its place. Most of all be very very kind to yourself.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,269
7/21/13 12:32 A

Have confidence in yourself. You don't need to BINGE. Read "SHRINK YOURSELF" by Roger Gould (he has a great web site) and tell that voice in your head that he calls "Harriet" to SHUT UP, as you have studied and you can pass the test. (I took it and can tell you that MOST of the questions are on psychology and it goes "Oh, tell me how you FEEL about that?"

You can always take it again, remember that.

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7/20/13 11:01 P

The most important test of my life is coming up on Tuesday and I am sooo stressed I want to binge. I have worked so hard to graduate my RN program. My NCLEX test is Tuesday. I have to pass.please send positive thoughts & prayers

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