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3/11/14 8:01 P

Me too! I struggle with this everyday. Wish I had the answer to stop it. I just keep trying everyday to overcome. Good luck to you.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,253
3/8/14 8:31 P

Whenever I have anxiety. Or I feel depressed or just blah.

I felt this way last week I was so down in the dumps. I stopped and I was breathing deeply. I reminded myself that binging would not make the situation go away. And I would feel worse at the end of it. That helped

Eat what you like and if someone comments, eat them too

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3/8/14 1:33 P

thanks am glad someone else understands problem. mine gets me cause i am in a wheelchair and deaf and its situational. so everytime something comes up that i cant do i get upset and doctor refuses to do drugs which i s good. i did start going out to the local gym 3 to 4 tims a week. weight is not going down but cravings have and so has anxiety so thats a plus .. im me anytime i have sparky on mobile

SHERYLDS Posts: 12,892
3/8/14 12:14 P

food used to be anger management for me....I had a lot of difficult people to deal with at work and home. Now I have learned to distance myself more from both those people and stressful situations...and I can let go, without having to stuff those feelings. but it takes a change in mindset

Sheryl from New Jersey, EST...2015 start wt. 231
3/8/14 12:04 P

This gets me too. When it happens I find it's better not to be alone with my thoughts. I go to the library or go shopping, you can go for coffee with a friend, something like that.(If you're at home when it happens). Getting a change of scenery is helpful to me.

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3/8/14 11:30 A

mine do too. I just have to find something else to occupy my mind. Read, exercise, even watch TV if it will change my emotions to something better. Good luck!

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3/8/14 11:14 A

my worst cravings are the ones i get when my anxiety level goes up

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