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9/13/13 1:41 P

You might find this helpful.

SparkPeople sends a variety of weekly and daily emails full of information on living a healthy lifestyle. We encourage members to receive and read these emails to learn more and more every day.

On every email newsletter we send you'll find a button at the bottom that "Click Here to Redeem Your SparkPoints." When you click this you'll be taken to our site, and you may need to login if you are not logged in yet.

To receive different emails you can click the Account/Email Preferences link on the upper left of your MySpark page. If you are subscribed to a newsletter but not receiving it's possible that our emails are being blocked by your email provider. If this happens you should check your spam folder/filter and also add to your email address book. If you are still having problems after this you can try contacting your email provider.

One final note - you can still read and get points for emails you received on previous days, and your points will be awarded for the day you actually read the email.

Points: 1 point for every email you read
Maximum: 8 points per day
Points for Previous Dates? No – you receive points on the date you read the email (however, you can get points for reading old emails)

SUZIPAM1 Posts: 1,464
9/13/13 12:49 P

how do i get my spark points for getting the 8 per day emails? i cant seem to work it out

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