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3/26/14 12:28 P

My job is to make sure the hospital where I work has medical supplies. I order everything except drugs. It's amazing how many possible ways there are for things to go wrong.

I like the idea of running up stairs. I do this every chance I get. It's hard, but it doesn't take long for the endorphins to kick in, and that helps a lot. I also like the idea of gnashing my teeth on gum. :) If I don't gnaw on something I'm going to gnaw on someONE....

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3/26/14 12:00 P

I don't know what kind of job you have, but some people use quick meditation systems to get over these kind of situations.

Not, sitting with your legs crossed going "ooohm", lol...but just learning how to close your eyes, and remove yourself from the situation for 2 minutes, while concentrating on deep breathing....

Then do something like chug down a glass of water.

When I worked in an office....we had a back stairwell. I'd hit it. I'd just jog up and down a flight of stairs 2 times, do some deep breathing, chug water....and try again :)

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3/26/14 11:29 A

*emphatically raises hand* I trained myself to reach for the water bottle rather than my bag of snacks first. Even if the water bottle is empty, that means I have to walk down to the coffee room to refill it, which generally gives me time to work off the mood and get back on track.

Also, gum. I get to gnash my teeth in in annoyance at the situation without blowing my calories for the day or grinding my teeth together.

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3/26/14 11:25 A

I have a high-stress job, and I'm noticing how when people or systems I'm relying on drop the ball, I have an immediate impulse to eat. I get some bad news I have to deal with, and almost without thinking I eat all the snacks I brought with me for the day. I get a phone call that irritates me and I find myself standing at the candy dish with a frown on my face, unwrapping one caramel one after another. Anyone else do this? It's not helping.....

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