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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,216
7/20/13 10:14 A

Eat only low carb fruits are pears, peaches, plums, cherries, apples, kiwi, all kinds of berries. Berries have the least impact on blood sugar.

It is always good to balance your blood sugar by eating a carb and a protein 2 hours before bedtime so you don't wake up hungry.

Since cottage cheese is high in casein protein it is the perfect food to consume before bed, it's an efficient fat burner. You might try 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with some berries and maybe even sleep more soundly.

I agree with PATTISWIMMER stay away from high sugar, high carb fruits like bananas, papaya, grapes, etc....

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7/20/13 9:54 A

fructose slows weight loss so if the fruit is berries... less fructose better choice... oranges more fructose... grapes a whole lot of fructose... so fruit is good but we don't know what you are saying here.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/20/13 9:48 A

I eat dinner at 10 p.m. or later. It isn't an issue. Plus a bowl of fruit is better than McDonald's. When we can't be perfect, we can be better. Just make the healthiest choice you can. A bowl of fruit is hardly the worst thing you could eat.

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7/19/13 5:25 P

Your body doesnt know what time it is. So eating late is okay, especially if you are eating fruit. I have believed my entire life that eating late was not good for you, until I read an article on spark people. It's what you eat & how much you eat (just like any other time of the day). Here is an article that may help.

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HFITZ1 Posts: 68
7/19/13 5:15 P

I love having a bedtime snack. Usually a bit of cheese, fruit, or some popcorn. I can't give up munching in front of the tv, but I'm controlling what it is and how much now.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
7/19/13 4:41 P

While it is true that eating before bed is an issue for some people with acid reflux, it is not true for everyone. There are many people, like myself, who eat late, and even right before going to bed, without having any problems. I usually have dinner between 8 and 9, a snack between 9:30 and 10:30, and a cup of cocoa right before bed around 11ish with no issues at all. It's something that you have to experiment with to see if it will cause any issues for you personally.

LOISLANE33 SparkPoints: (4,897)
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7/19/13 3:54 P

Eating anything within hours of going to bed is not a good idea if you want to avoid acid reflux. You need to give yourself a good 4-5 hours to digest what you eat, even if it's a grape.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
7/19/13 5:50 A

Well. Is eating fruit bad? No. Is eating late at night bad? No. Is eating a medium sized bowl (not so sure here exactly what you mean by "medium sized"-- maybe a cup? two cups?) bad? No. In and of itself, I'd have to say No.

What you'd want to do is take a look at your Nutrition Tracker and see how your calories, carbs, fat, protein balanced out for the day. I love fruit but I have to be careful not to eat a ton of carbs (even if they're "healthy choices") and not enough protein and fat. If I hadn't eaten any fruits all day and was at the bottom of my carb range, and I wanted to sit down in the evening and eat 2 cups of watermelon or fresh strawberries... nothing wrong with that. If I've already eaten a lot of carbs for the day and I'm low on my percentage of protein, I'd be better off looking for a high protein snack. I actually sleep a little better if my late-night snack includes protein and some fat. Nuts, for example.

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7/19/13 12:00 A

I want to know if eating a medium size bowl of fruits bad for late night eating?

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