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6/28/13 3:24 P

There's a lot of misconceptions about starvation mode; it's not about eating a certain number of calories, even. It's not even about a single day of poor choices. It's much more complicated than that.

One day isn't going to hurt you. It's a pattern of poor choices over time that can lead to slowed metabolism. IF it happens, it happens, but you don't want to make a habit of it. It's still important to get the nutrition you need, because you'll feel like crud if you don't.

Here's a thread that will help you understand what starvation mode is (and isn't.) Scroll down to Coach Dean's response.

I keep asking them to make this an expert answer; they don't even have to do much, just add it!

6/28/13 10:36 A

probably not long... you just have a lowered metabolism and don't lose weight.... have less energy

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6/28/13 10:17 A

Just like eating way over your range on one day won't do you much damage, neither will eating under. Granted, it isn't a habit you want to get yourself in to, but it won't be utterly terrible.

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6/28/13 8:21 A

one off day every once in a while will do no harm

6/28/13 1:24 A

Like Yojulez said, one day in the grand scheme of things isn't going to throw you off. I know I occasionally eat less than 1200 calories, and I also occasionally eat more than 1550. I actually tend to look at my weekly average more so than my daily intake. So don't stress if you go under for just a day. :) It happens. I know some days I'm just not really all that hungry, and others, I feel ravenous. It just depends on the day and what I'm doing.

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6/27/13 11:56 P

No. One day doesn't matter. Remember it's more about your overall average intake than what you do on a day to day basis. It's the same as if you overate on one day, it's not going to throw you off. If it makes you feel better, eat a little more tomorrow to make up for it.

Not sure how long it takes to go into starvation mode... I would think it would take awhile though.

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6/27/13 11:38 P

will this lower my metabolism immediately and put myself in starvation mode even if it is one day only?

how long does it take the body to go into starvation mode actually?

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