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Also, check and make sure you're actually allowed to bring outside food in. I'm going to Gen Con in August and they're *very* strict about not allowing outside food into the convention center. Depending on their food policy, I'd eat a good breakfast and be well aware of the options within decent walking distance of the convention center. The food inside will be way overpriced compared to the stuff outside. Basically, research your options before you go.

4/5/14 11:29 P

I'm sure the food will be over priced and not good for you. Some thoughts - pack granola and hard skinned fruit - tangerines/orange, instant oatmeal and maybe sugar free hot chocolate packets and plain microwave popcorn in your luggage and on the day of just bring a refillable filter water bottle, a couple tangerines and a granola bar. When eating, order small. If there is pizza, a slice of plain (or veggie) would probably do the least amount of damage or a sandwich. Eat before you go in the morning - something like eggs - to hold you over. Schedule lunch or you will be so busy you will forget and be too hungry to make good choices. See what is within walking distance and plan an early dinner and then walk back. Drink water all day! And have fun. You will be walking and standing a lot so if you go over your calories try not to stress over it.

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Well, this is where it gets tricky, I'm going on the megabus, and I'm staying in a hostel. So I can't take a TON of food, or really store it, but I will have access to a kitchen. The local grocery store I don't know, but it is in the middle of Chicago, so I'm gonna say yes. My concern it what to do when I'm at the con itself, because I plan on being there from open to close all weekend, and I don't want to be lugging around too big a bag of food.

4/5/14 8:03 P

Are you planning to eat out all your meals?
Are you able to take any food items with you?
Does your room have a microwave, refrigeration?
Are you able to pick up a few items at a local grocery?

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Alright, I'm all set for my first trip to c2e2 and I'm super excited! I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with eating at comic cons while trying to lose weight (or at least stay health). Luckily I'm going solo, so I don't have to worry about other people's dietary habits. Any thoughts/tips?

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