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-POOKIE- Posts: 12,375
10/26/12 4:34 P

*nods* as long as you remain consistent with the 24 hour slots, it will end up correct.

10/26/12 4:32 P

ok, thats what ive been doing. wasnt sure if i was doing it right. THANK YOU!!!

-POOKIE- Posts: 12,375
10/26/12 4:24 P

Pick a 24 hour time slot and stick to it.

From when you rise to when you sleep is your day, regardless of the actual time, so just use that as a day on the tracker.

10/26/12 4:12 P

i work until midnight most of the week and when i get home i am hungry so i make something to eat. what day should i log it in to? the previous day because i didnt go to bed yet, or the next day because it is after midnight? thank you!

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