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9/6/11 10:24 P

When I feel like I'm eating too fast habitually which leads to overeating, I usually try a hunger satiety journal note on my food log. Then after each bite I give myself a number in my head... The hunger satiety scale is found below. So before I eat I think - what number am I at? And after each bite I stop and think, what score am I at now? That helps me to keep it at a 5 or 6 instead of eating until I feel uncomfortable later, which can be really miserable. On my food log I note my hunger level, the score when I started, and the satiety level, the score when I finished. It keeps me from eating too much because it's on my plate.

Hunger Level Sensations and Symptoms
1 Starving, weak, dizzy
2 Very hungry, cranky, low energy, a lot of stomach growling
3 Pretty hungry, stomach is growling a little
4 Starting to feel a little hungry
5 Satisfied, neither hungry nor full
6 A little full, pleasantly full
7 A little uncomfortable
8 Feeling stuffed
9 Very uncomfortable, stomach hurts
10 So full you feel sick

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9/6/11 5:32 P

Eat slowly. Put your fork down between bites. Thoroughly chew and swallow, then pause for a moment before taking another bite. This helps me eat less and feel satisfied with less food.

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9/6/11 5:16 P

I often make stir-frys with lots of vegetables and only a little meat. I also like casseroles with brown rice or whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce, vegetables and a little meat. Cheese and breadcrumbs on top for flavour.

9/6/11 2:15 P

For me making the best food choices I can make almost always means eating MORE food, not less. This definitely motivates me to keep eating my veggies!

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
9/6/11 8:50 A

Set aside a lot of time to eat something. Chew slowly, taste the food when you pause during chewing, and then take a second or two before you eat the next mouthful. Slow way down. It will feel strange but you will eat less and enjoy every bit of your meal.

LOVEMYLIFE1 Posts: 100
9/5/11 10:03 P

One thing I do with salads is: tear the lettuce up with my clean hands small. This way when I pour on 1T of dressing and stir it up, it actually coats the lettuce. Plus, when I eat my salad, the lettuce doesn't touch my chin and make a mess:).

I tried an oil mister, but the mister shot streams instead of spraying, any ideals. Oh, it was a misto sprayer.

Totally agree with the other ideals, especially water, however, for those of us who are obese or morbidly obese, it can cause terrible heartburn to drink too much water.

COTTRELL11 Posts: 1,552
9/5/11 7:14 P

I learned that I don't have to put cheese on absolutely everything I cook. My habit was way overboard. I don't deny myself altogether. Now I rarely have it, rarely miss it.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,065
9/5/11 6:57 P

Lots of veggies with no sauces

TAMAMI Posts: 459
9/5/11 6:37 P

Drink water throughout the day, and a big glass of water with meal. Eat slowly. Choose whole grains over white.

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9/5/11 6:28 P

I made a wonderful Veggie Bake last night and it was perfectly roasted and wonderful without any sauce. Herbs can go along way!

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9/5/11 10:34 A

volume ~ lots and lots of veggies w/o sauces! healthy foods and portions.

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
9/5/11 9:38 A

emoticon I keep a sucker for 50 calories for the sweet tooth !

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9/4/11 11:37 A

Eggs for Breakfast. They really are the most nutritionally filling and I always maintain a better caloric intake when I start off by adding eggs to my diet in the morning.

Eggs my favorite way: 1 cup Spinach and one stalk of green onion chopped and clean.

Heat pan with 1 tbs or less of butter (real butter with minimal ingredients) use one egg, dash of salt and pepper, break yoke and add spinach and onion right away. Fold over eggs when the edge of the egg turns white and can be flipped easily. Cook until done and serve.

If you have ever had spanokopita (sp) and like this Greek dish, you will probably like eggs this way.

KELKER Posts: 204
9/3/11 8:45 P

I would concentrate on eating fewer calories, not less food. Double up on your steamed veggies and reduce your starches.
Use a sprayer (like sold for olive oil) filled with a nice balsalmic vinegar for salad dressing.
Start each meal with a glass of water and a salad or a light broth.

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9/3/11 8:19 P

I like the chicken broth idea. I will have to try it!

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9/3/11 7:42 P

* Use a pump dispenser for oil/vinegar or oil/lemon juice dressing
* Use hummus instead of salad dressing (and have tried vegan low fat dressings)
* Elimate most meat/fish (use as a condiment basically, with only 1 meal a day)
* Increase bean intake
* Increase fruit/veggie intake dramatically
* Replace olive oil with chicken broth when sauteing veggies

These things don't help me eat less - they help me eat more lower calorie/higher nutrient foods and that helps me lose weight

KITKAT89 SparkPoints: (4,176)
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9/3/11 5:48 P

What are some tips and ticks that help you eat less of a certain item of food/meal?

I put salad dressing on a plate and dip my salad into it. I use 1T of dressing or less!

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