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BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,960
2/18/13 11:36 A

I have updated a blog about drinking water. If you are struggling with this and would like some new thoughts or visualizations, check it out:

2/18/13 10:24 A

That's great 128PERFECT and WHOLENEWME79! Keep it up. I used to drink Dr. Pepper quite a bit. I then switched to diet sodas, which soon led me to flavored water, and now all I drink is plain H2O. It's great! It satisfies like no other now.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
2/16/13 1:51 P

I carry a bottle of water with me everywhere so I can sip on that throughout the day. At work, I will keep water and decaf green tea around to sip on. Helps me keep hydrated. I tend to not drink milk or juice, and i rarely have soda, diet or otherwise.

128PERFECT Posts: 3,026
2/16/13 1:26 P

I try very hard to make sure I drink at least a 16 oz. glass before every meal.

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