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Losing 5kg in 2 weeks is a LOT of weight to lose. I am not 100% certain of what that is in pounds but I think 1kg is 2.2 pounds - that means you have already lose 11 pounds in a mere 2 weeks I would be dancing on the rooftops if I had lost that much. I wouldn't be terribly disappointed even if it were ONLY 5 pounds and not 5kg I had lost in 2 weeks. Ideally, you should lose 1-2 pounds per week on average and you are losing WAY more than that.

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I have observed among my friends that having a second baby is often a lot different from the first baby. How old is your firstborn? If you have a toddler or small child running around plus an infant, that's really tiring. Also the lack of sleep is going to throw your moods out of whack. I hope it helps a little to know that what you're going through is not unusual. It takes time to make this adjustment and that is OK.

See if you can arrange with someone to babysit the children every so often, or at least the older one, to give yourself a break - maybe an aunt or another mom, or grandma? Even just an hour so you can take a nap might help.

You may also be suffering from postpartum depression, which is TEMPORARY and TREATABLE. It is not a character flaw and does not mean you are a bad mother. Ask your doctor about it, either whoever you see for the well-baby checkups or your OB/GYN.

Once your baby can sleep through the night, and you can too, then I bet things will feel a lot better. You can get through this! emoticon

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Dont give up!! Keep pushing!! Remember this is a lifestyle! Not for the moment!! You will always go up and down.. sometimes you will stay nutrual. But stay strong!!

9/14/12 1:11 P

iam 8 weeks postpartum , i started my healthy eating and workouts after i finish the 6 weeks of recovery.
i gained 15 kg during pregnancy , i lost only till now 5 kg ,two weeks of eating healthy and exercising but nothing ,iam breastfeeding also
but nothing at all , what happened to my body .
iam not sleeping well cuz of nursing, am stuck at home cuz of the baby, nothing fit me.
this is my second baby, but the first was not like this .
iam crying all the time .
you may say its too early ,i should be patient and its a hard time and will pass, i know al of those words but iam still down ., the numbers shown on the scale make a difference for me
what shall i do, how can i help my self.

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