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BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
7/31/12 6:44 P

i know LOL - me too!!

7/31/12 6:05 P

Wait, green coffee extract isn't going to help me slim down my pinky toes?


GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
7/30/12 9:50 P

Amen sister. I get put off with all this kind of stuff too.

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BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
7/30/12 6:29 P

i have said it before - i really like dr. oz - but i think as a heart surgeon and provider of good medical information - NOT NOW AS A WT. LOSS GURU and PURVEYOR of all sorts of confusing combinations -
take today - i am sure it is a repeat - but it was for FAT LOSS IN VARIOUS PARTS OF YOUR BODY. the theme was upper arm fat is different from BELLY fat and that is different than butt fat -
he has different combos of different naturopathic substances mixed with certain foods - that must be eaten in certain ways and at certain times.
DR. OZ - stop this - you are joining the ranks of all these wt. loss gurus who use such confusing information to make us act like robots -
you even turn to the guinea pig subject and say 'will you eat this for a week as i have set it out for you' - where are the hypnotists, and the smoke and mirrors. and all this stuff costs money- i see dr.oz stays within 'acceptable pricing' so that we can get the product - on line - today he had GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT - last week it was RASPBERRY KETONES - GLA CLA HGH ---
just eat good foods in the proper proportions and move your body - geeezzzz!!!!!

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