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1/10/12 4:27 P

My son is the same. He says "I don't like it" before it even hits the table but he know that he has no choice. He has to try it and that means eating at least a third of what's on the plate. If he doesn't like it then he can leave it and there is nothing else. I make a note not to make that for him again. What I usually find is that he happily eats it and says its nice at the end.
A popular chef Sophie Gray once said "It takes children 10 exposure to the same food the educate their taste buds to like it." She's talking regular food here.
Hope this helps

1/10/12 2:51 P

Obiesmom- So your aunt had you eating bad when she thought healthy. Heinz 57 sauce I am sure is loaded with calories and fructose corn syrup. Sorry you lost your aunt and I am not talking bad of her she may not have realized that if she thought she was feeding you healthy she was not after saturating the stuff with sugary condiments. What kid likes liver????

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1/10/12 2:50 P

Maybe you tried to change too much at once, or surprised them with this new style of cooking?

I would recommend trying to get them involved as much as possible with the planning, shopping and actual cooking. It's hard to wrinkle up your nose at something you helped to prepare or a veggie that you picked out at the store.

The 14 year old is big enough to get his happy self out of the chair and fix himself (or herself) a sandwich. I never did allow griping at the table once the kids got old enough to fend for themselves in the kitchen.

Don't let the table become a battleground--the kids can sense when they've got you flustered and they will play that hand every time if you let them (don't ask me how I know this, LOL). Offer to include them in the prep, put the food on the table, and let the chips fall. They'll either fend for themselves, eat what they do like from the choices on the table, or get good and hungry before the next meal is served. If they're old enough to articulate, ask them what specifically they don't like about it....texture, color, smell, taste? Talk about ways it might appeal more to them, but do so in a matter of fact, nonconfrontational way.

Remember, you're the parent---you make the rules as to what's OK and what's not OK at the table....but you cannot force a child to eat anything.

1/10/12 2:46 P

Angeljewel- I agree with no junk in house but the feed them the same thing until they eat is Mommy Dearest style, meaning that is mean! Kids are people too. I do say work with them if they shrug off all veggies or fruits then train them to like some by making a game out of it or adding dips to dip them in or whatever works raw verses cooked etc., but kids should have choices too when it comes to food. Will you eat something just because someone made it? I think not! The clean plate club sucks too! Don't waste but if full and a few bites are left behind then fine. If you throw it away it is waste yes but if you eat it all you get fat that is also a waste.

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1/10/12 2:42 P

my aunt (who passed away Dec 23) gave us 2 choices at meal time: eat it or wear it. Sis and I would cut up liver (one of our aunts favorite things to fix) into small pieces, coat it in 57 Sauce, and swallow it whole. She also made tuna salad for lunches on a regular basis (neither of us eat mayo).

I would have LOVED a meal like the one described in the original post!

I don't have kids, but my hubby doesn't necessarily eat the healthy stuff I eat. He can fix something for himself if he doesn't like what I've prepared.

1/10/12 2:36 P

My kids were like that too and still are. I know what they like and do not like now. I make whatever hubby and I want and if my daughter likes it then good, if not she can have a sandwich or soup, if I already know she does not like it I will cook her something else. I would rather have them pass on stuff then be obsessed with food that it doesn't matter what they are eating as long as they are eating. I remember a long time back I would over eat on things I did not hate but did not necessarily like that well to eat so much of it. My oldest daughter is on her own with her own family now.

1/10/12 2:35 P

I think people give kids to many choices...mostly junk stuff and when they do present them with good food they won't touch it...make bean soup and serve it every day till they eat it (gets better with every re-heat) and don't give "any" other choices....when they get hungry they will eat....of course this only works if your a serious consumer yourself and don't have the cupboards choked full of junk to graze on...

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1/10/12 2:24 P

I tried to make a healthy dinner for all the family (beef, baby new potatoes, mixed veg, creamy peppercorn sauce), And the kids didnt like it and my 14 year old son wouldnt even try it. It really annoys me that you make the effort to make a nice dinner and it gets thrown back in your face, it really makes you feel down and fed up, well it does me,


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