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4/18/13 8:36 P

If you have too many carbs in your diet, you may be suffering from insulin being amok in your system, telling you you're hungry when you're really not. Be sure you're getting all your recommended nutrients (see the nutrition report in your tracker).

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4/18/13 7:54 P

I love Fiber One Chocolate 80 cal cereal. I will have it for breakfast OR a snack when I need to fill in. Remember to keep eating your meals as close to the ground as you can get - meaning WHOLE foods, grains, vegetables. Try using black beans or brown rice with your protein or have a bulgar wheat salad (i.e. named Tabouli) very fillingand very low cal. We have all been there but just make sure that you eat your calories within your range and track, track, track!

JKW1957 Posts: 185
4/16/13 2:42 P

Your diet starts at the grocery store. Don't buy junk food. If you don't have it in your house you won't be tempted to eat it. I found this the hard way last week. I bought some individual low calorie snacks. There were 5 in a package. I ate 4 in a sitting. Yikes!! Try eating more low fat vegetables to fill full. Eat a fruit for the sweet tooth. I find the less candy I eat the less I crave it,
Exercise seems to decrease my appetite

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4/16/13 5:18 A

May God bless your success on this journey we all share.

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4/15/13 6:53 A

Make sure you are getting enough vegetables in your diet. The vegetables are full of phytonutrients which help your body know it has had enough to eat.

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4/14/13 10:36 P

I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker to see if there was anything there we could pick up on, but you don't share it! IF you would like to make it public (assuming that you use it) then you will be able to get better feed-back as it applies to you.

Other than that, there are some things that you could consider!

* Are you starting the day with a GOOD, healthy and filling breakfast? Not doing so can set you up for big slip-ups later in the day.

* Are you eating all of your Meals? Not doing so can cause munchies later in the day, too!

* Are you eating highly processed carbs? These spike the blood sugars quickly, but drop quickly too, and can leave you feeling hungry. i.e. you might be getting the calories but not the nutrition your body needs!

* Are you getting a good amount of healthy protein? Not doing so can leave you hungry, too, especially if you are over-doing the processed carb stuff.

* Are you drinking some of your calories? That isn't filling.

* Are you getting in fruit and veges? If not, gradually increasing them should help reduce hunger.

* Are you allowing for healthy snacks during the day? A lot of people don't, but a lot of people, me included, DO, and we need to factor them into our diet. I just eat slightly smaller meals.

* IF you are still hungry, THEN EAT!

Where it comes to water, we do need liquid, but it doesn't actually replace true hunger. Too much water can cause problems too - it tends to leave us prone to electrolytes being flushed down the loo. If your urine is clear, then don't drink as much!

I hope that THAT is food for thought!

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NCBLONDIE Posts: 829
4/14/13 9:08 P

If you're getting hungry on a regular basis, I would take a close look at what you're eating. The foods you're eating might not be filling enough for you. Check your fiber intake and make sure you're getting at least 25g a day. Fiber will help fill you up and keep you feeling full longer.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,836
4/14/13 7:22 P

ok, ive had my dinner, and my snack, so, why am i still feeling hungry??
for the last few weeks i had let myself fall back into bad eating habits and have snacked quite a bit in the evenings...
im wondering if this is the cause???
im trying to get back to eating healthy and proper proportions
but, i am still struggling with these nagging pangs begging for more food
what can i do, aside from drinking more water???
as ive had my water for the day and ive ran a blue streak back and forth to the ladies room....

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