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6/1/13 1:52 P

I agree with slimmerkiwi, I was doing ST everyday and noticed too much muscle/bulk, so now I commit to mon weds and sat and set my phone as a my kids and husband as a reminder...LOL... however, it's hay baling season so that counts for my entire workouts for the week, for about a month.....I'm now down to a weight that if I work out too much I see no change in the scale, but definitely in the way my clothes fit, so I back off the weights and total gym a little.....but still watch what I put into my "piehole" emoticon

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6/1/13 1:44 P

Or change your routine to daily strength training. MWF upper body, TThS lower body. Then Sunday can either be a day off or abd work. This way you have your routine while allowing muscles rest time.

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6/1/13 6:21 A

Perhaps instead of looking at doing it 2 days and then a day off, look at doing it Monday; Wednesday and Friday (or whatever days of the week best suit you.) Then you will develop the habit of "I do this on this day!" I found that THAT worked when I was going to Pilates classes once a week.


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6/1/13 5:39 A


How long have you been strength training ? If you're new to regular ST, then yes, it does take time to get used to a routine. Depending on your goals, you only need to strength train 1-3 times per week. Do you have a calendar ? What you could do to help you create a routine is to "schedule" your workouts. Write down when and what you're going to do for your workout.

I believe if you do this, with time, it will become a routine as well as a habit. The problem I see with many people is that they don't give allow themselves time to adapt to new routines.

So, why not try writing your workouts on a calendar and then sticking to that schedule.

KMFITZ721 Posts: 89
6/1/13 2:56 A

I am one of these people who if I do something every day I don't have a problem with doing it, however, if I have to take a day off then I have a hard time keep it up. I do my cardio workout great. I usually do something, even if it's walking the dog, everyday with little to no problems. With strengthening, where you need to do it for 2 days and then take a day off (or that's what I've read on how to do it online), I cannot get into a habit of doing it. I will find some excuse to put it off for another day. Does anyone struggle with this or have any ideas on how to get into some sort of rhythm with it? I workout at home because my job's hours don't allow for gym time.

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