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JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/10/13 2:46 P

Hey sparkies, yes, I have owned the bodymedia for 2weeks and I resold it on Ebay!!
I owned the body media LINK version.. (bluetooth)

Here is my experience with it

There is good and bad about it, but it depends on how "techy" you are... what I loved :
The easy graphs to read and the immediate feedback of where you need to be to where you are at.. when you reach your goals you get a check mark

Loveeeeeeed: How it knew on exactly on how you slept.. it knew somehow that you were only laying down to when you were really sleeping.. that alone was a shock to learn!

Lovvvvvvvveeeeeed: How it meshed with my fitness pal.. the food part you have to use a third party app and it meshed perfectly with myfitness pal.. however, myfitness pal is FREE app

LOVEED: the fact I could keep the information and get updates on my phone and have instant stats..

Downfall: In order to get the sleep for the night, you must use the USB and you must use the USB to charge and to do daily updates and to sync it.. in the two weeks I owned it, I had to upgrade the app 3times..

DOWNFALL: the fact it IS NOT waterproof.. so, you loose out on all the swimming activities and calories burned

DOWNFALL; IT did NOT calculate the immediate vigirous activities nor current calories.. In order to get the correct calories, I had to check the calories burned record that in my notepad (on my phone) then at the end of class I had to re-read to get exact calories burned

Plus, when I did weightlifting, it did NOT calculate the correct calories burned at all, but only showed in steps I took...bad, bad bad since I am always strength training and doing Circut

Downfall: Subscription.. there is a monthly subscription of $7 a month or a yearly subscription of $50 or a 2 yr.. they claim you get three months free and you do, only the end of the subscription to where you would normally renew it..Was it worth the subscription? ummmmmm I didn't think so...Trick... if you want your money back you must stop it within the first month or before... if you choose to quit it after the 30days you loose all monies..
It took me one month just to get back my money and I had to call three times! Customer service was baaaaaadddd..

Downfall: Had to wear it allllllllllllllll the time.. On your arm and by the end of the second week i was getting the arm band permanent imprint.. so when I did take it off, people would ask.. what was on your arm? LOLOL Woman... you may wear it in your bra, but make sure your bra is good enough.. mine kept slipping out and ya know.. the guys didn't mind seeing me "play with myself there" but ya know when I was fidgeting with it and realized what I was doing............... umm yeah kinda embarrassing ya know LOLOL

DId it work?? you betcha
Did I love it? you betcha.... I loved knowing what my body was doing and it was a HUGE SHOCK on how LITTLE activity I was actually getting... it really brought an awareness to what you are supposed to do to what you actually are doing... having it in charts was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Finally, yesss, the reason I had to sell it... was the fact that I had gotten very, very addicted to it.. almost so addicted to it, I had my phone in my hand consistantly and was always checking stats, It got so addicting that my fiance was like ummm you gonna put that phone down? LOLOL

I sold it, because after all, all the apps I am using now are free and always have been body media just brought my app stats to life in a charted graph........and pedometers I have and were free.

If you are a huge huge techy person, you don't mind the expensive fee to buy the gadget and the yearly/monthly subscription fee and you can afford it.. I would highly suggest it..
The charts and instant charts are amazing..

Also, there are cheaper versions without the blue tooth...... I would have rather gotten that.. LOL, it is an awesome motivator and owning it I lost 10lbs! Some days I was only short of my total steps by 100 so jumping jacks or jogging in place worked perfectly LOLOL

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4/10/13 8:11 A

I think that is what I read on their site.

4/10/13 8:09 A

Is the subscription $7 a month?

4/8/13 8:30 A

Just received a message from Bodymedia and they have no way for me to use it here in Russia! :( I was actually thinking this would be a good investment. Oh well! SIGH!

LIVELIFELONGER SparkPoints: (47,917)
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4/8/13 8:26 A

Monthly cost is about $7 a month. Could be cheaper if you pay a yearly amount up front. You can cancel at any time. So if you're having a bad month then you know there is an option to do that. For me, I like to gage what I'm doing and I like having it on to keep me reminded of my goals. So it's worth it to me. I got the basic one, because I don't have the fancy phones.

Whatever you decide, Good luck on this journey to a Healthier New You.

4/8/13 7:14 A

Weird question, but hoping I can get an answer. I live in Russia. Will I be able to use it here? I am a full-time missionary and don't have a lot of "extra" spending money. In fact, I will probably have to take on another student just to get this. So, is it worth the investment? What do you think? What is the monthly cost?

GANEC5104 Posts: 415
3/24/13 4:01 P

I have one

3/20/13 6:24 P

I have been using my Bodymedia Fit armband since February 7. I really love it. It really motivates me to move more and to get more sleep. I was pleasantly surprised at how many calories I burn on a day that I do laundry. I live up stairs and I am constantly going up and down the stairs to the laundry room across the complex. Some of my highest calorie burning days have been on laundry days.

Another thing I love about it is that it connects with sparkpeople. Sparkpeople will send my calorie eaten info to bodymedia and bodymedia will send my exercise info to sparkpeople.

I bought it at, but was disappointed to find it for a less expensive price at But even so, it was still worth it. I bought a 2 year subscription to the website tracker so I don't have to worry about that for another couple of years.

Over the last 28 days I have burned an average of 2264 calories per day. I have eaten an average of 1293 calories per day. I have had a daily calorie deficit average of 971.

Since January 21, 2013 I have lost 15.8 pounds. And since I started using the bodymedia on February 7, I have lost 9.4 pounds.

Of course, it is not the only reason for my success. I weigh and measure my food and religiously plan my food every day in sparkpeople. I just love that it really motivates me to move more when I'm not exercising.

JAZZYGF Posts: 1,859
2/28/13 3:02 P

I am thinking about it. I have a fitbit the small one and hate it. It does not sync with computer or phone but it does when I post on sparkpeople. 59 but not worth it. I am afraid thats what will happen to bodymedia.

GZELLEFRO SparkPoints: (60,210)
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Posts: 2,598
2/23/13 6:22 P

I have a BodyMedia Ultra Armband and I wear it under my clothes. The only thing I don't like about it is that the velcro is wearing out and I will have to replace the band or find another way to attach it to my arm. Other than that, I absolutely love it!!!

To answer Drezeus, they are expensive, but it provides so much information, it has become invaluable in my weight loss efforts! They do charge you a subscription charge after 3 months, which I wish wasn't so, but I guess it's worth it, right? As long as it doesn't keep going up. It has helped to motivate me to exercise harder, walk more, get more sleep, and overall to try harder!

Good luck! God bless you!

DREZUES Posts: 10
2/20/13 7:59 A

Hello Cartoon3-- You can order them from this website or Amazon.. Julian Michaels created them and all the Biggest Losers have them... I have to do some more research on them. Another gal commented on them and after 3 months there is a $7.00 charge for something. And, she also stated that you can wear them under shirts.... They are kinda expensive. But, I never spend money on me.. And, if this will help me. Then, maybe I will really consider it.. Because I have a total of 100 more pounds that I want to lose.... Have a great day...

BIERMA Posts: 836
2/19/13 6:09 P

I've looked into it but the price scared me off. Your comments make me want to start saving for one. Thanks!

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (214,440)
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Posts: 6,650
2/19/13 5:09 P

Thanks for the info.!

LIVELIFELONGER SparkPoints: (47,917)
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Posts: 2,868
2/19/13 2:33 P

You can check out and also you get it on There is 3 different types. I have the core. price is as low as $99 if on sale. It's a little pricey but it's worth it in my opinion if you need something to keep you motivated and like to have an idea what your burning through the day. There is a monthly fee of $7 after the first 3 months free trial.

CARTOON3 Posts: 1,601
2/19/13 2:17 P

No. I don't have one but I would love to have one. Where can you buy one? How much are they?

LIVELIFELONGER SparkPoints: (47,917)
Fitness Minutes: (43,977)
Posts: 2,868
2/18/13 12:34 P

I have a bodymedia arm band and I wear it on my arm under clothes all the time. So no worries and happy walking. :)

DREZUES Posts: 10
2/16/13 7:03 P

Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows if you can wear your bodymedia under your clothing on your arm.. I am in Michigan and I have been walking all winter and I want to know if it will work under my two shirts and sweatshirt... I am think so. But, wanted to find out for sure.. I want one so, so, so bad.... thank you in advance.....

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