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4/15/13 12:10 P

An "Endocrinologist" is a doctor who specializes in metabolic disorders which can keep you from losing weight or even gainging weight. He/she is also a speicalist in diabetes, thyroid, bone, infertility issues, pituitary gland, growth, hypertension, and lipid disorders. Possibly this is your best bet as they do complete workups including Vitamin D tests. Some have registered dieticians on site also, who will assist you in weight loss. Look up one in your area.

The endocrine system includes the thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, testes, ovaries, pituitary, and pancreas.

They help you and are not judgemental.

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WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 949
4/15/13 11:10 A

I know how you feel. My first doctor was judgemental and made snide comments about my weight. I told her I didn't appreciate her attitude and walked out of the office- Without paying. I also filed a complaint with the state board about the incident. I hear she got into a heap of trouble because it wasn't the first complaint.

So it took a few visits (3 different doctors) to find a doctor I was comfortable with, but I am glad I made the effort. My doctor now (the 4th one I visited) is great and I feel very comfortable asking any sort of questions.

Was it embarrassing? At first I felt it was, but now I realize that the attitude of those doctors wasn't about me- It was about them. I wanted to be healthier and was taking positive steps to reach that goal, and they didn't want to help. Not very good doctors, in my opinion.

Good luck with your doctor search. I hope you find a good one like I did.

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4/15/13 9:04 A

I seriously hope that fear does not continue to keep you away from the doctor.

Hopefully, you'll find one who can go with you through your healthy journey, and help applaud your progress.

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4/15/13 7:12 A


I would recommend when you call around to doctor's offices you ask those questions.

Tell them what your issues are and make it plain you're looking for a doctor who will share in the responsibility of the solution. Even call your health care provider or use their website to do a search using the criteria you're looking for.

It might turn out you need more than a basic checkup but a more comprehensive physical.
You need to get screenings you've missed by not going for 10+ years. When you go for any consultation find out what that entails.

You don't want to let fear stand in the way of your health.
Good luck.

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4/14/13 10:55 P

DIETITIANBECKY has given you GREAT advice :-)

You will find that by using the Nutrition Tracker, and weigh all of your food for increased accuracy, that you will be able to tweak your intake so that you are within the guidelines. When you go to your Dr's appointment, take some random printouts with you to show what you have been doing as well :-)

I can't give you a recommendation re Dr's (live in a different country), but here is a link that you may find helpful:

I remember a lot of years ago, before I got married, I wanted to go on The Pill. Back then, it wasn't the done thing for a single woman to take it and it was frowned upon. Some Drs flatly refused to prescribe it unless the woman was married. Anyway, I asked the Receptionist which Dr at the Medical Centre was easier to get it from. They said one Dr, and I didn't really feel the most comfortable with him at the time, so against their advice, went to the other, who was a very devout Christian , and who had been a Missionary in what is now Uganda, and who was dead against that sort of thing . It surprised the pants off the Receptionists when I came out WITH a prescription!

I wish you well in achieving what you are wanting to do. Don't let what happened in the past interfere with your health now! Fortunately, not all people are tarred with the same brush!


4/14/13 9:56 P

With my focus almost entirely on diet, I was able to lose 10lb before I even went to my doctor, and she was beyond thrilled--I think if you show that you're dedicated, that you're serious about changing your life, they'll only be full of praise.
That said, though, if you're ready to make that change, everyone else can go and 'pound sand' as my grandmother would say. The most important lesson I've learned through my journey has been that your dedication and your commitment are all that matter. If someone gives you a judgmental look, just remember--they don't know. They don't know how hard you've been working, how many calories you've burned, or how few you've eaten. But they will, and sooner than you'd believe!! :-)

You can do it. Don't go in ashamed of how you look now--go in proud of the changes you're making!!

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4/14/13 8:20 P

I don't have a doctor to recommend, but I would like to wish you the very best.

Becky has some great ideas!!

4/14/13 7:19 P

I hope one of our members is able to help.

I also suggest this approach...
You start Sparkpeople with a healthy diet/eating plan---I imagine you will see weight loss over the next several months as you await your appointment.

Then go to the appointment and when the doctor brings up your weight---tell him/her what you have been doing and how much weight you have lost, show all the postivie things you have started (more fruits, veggies, etc). Then I want to begin exercising too, but wanted to get a complete physical to assure that this was safe...What do you suggest doc? Hopefully this would start up a really positive conversation.

Sparkpeople Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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4/14/13 6:13 P

I need to lose 100+ pounds and am terrified to go to the doctor for fear of being judged. I have had this happen to me before and it's why I have not been to a doctor in 10+ years. I need a basic check-up, but I want an "obese friendly" doctor... someone who will care and help, not someone who will scoff and lecture. Can anyone recommend a empathetic doctor in suburban west, northwest, or north of Boston? Thank you.

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