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HEALTHY-SPARK SparkPoints: (42,974)
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4/22/13 4:26 P

I like to workout at the gym -- great place for people watching while I'm exercising!

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JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,023)
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Posts: 59
4/22/13 3:10 P

Weights- gym.

Although today I had to do cardio at the gym because my power was out for a couple hours!

JENNEPOOH40 Posts: 560
4/22/13 2:56 P

today i went to the gmy and did a water class an when i got mom i did a workout bootcamp biiggestloser workout

4/22/13 2:13 P

home! it's free :)

SARAHEGILROY SparkPoints: (13,225)
Fitness Minutes: (830)
Posts: 184
4/22/13 1:50 P

At home. Gyms are out of our price range with me being a sahm.

KINGCARL1 SparkPoints: (11,418)
Fitness Minutes: (10,000)
Posts: 193
4/22/13 1:39 P

My company has a gym and showers here so I am able to work out during my lunch for 45 mins. After I eat my lunch, then in the evening, I usually go for a walk for an hour 3-4 days a week.

Carl of Calif
SPORTSGIRL30 Posts: 1,433
4/22/13 1:35 P

gym and outside

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GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (170,601)
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Posts: 6,554
4/22/13 1:21 P

Always at home.

4/22/13 1:20 P


ANNEMARGO Posts: 450
4/22/13 1:14 P

I run outside three days a week and do DVDs at home three days a week. I've belonged to a gym in the past, but due to budget considerations I needed to let it go right now.

ZAMORAPAT Posts: 203
4/22/13 1:07 P

at home

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (121,324)
Fitness Minutes: (70,287)
Posts: 7,994
4/22/13 1:02 P

both - mornings at home I do Pilates or one of my Firm DVDs (or I just got my free DVDs for pre-ordering The Spark Solution...can't wait to give those a try!

after work and weekends I go to the gym for spin, Tabata, or ST

I also ride my bike and run or walk around town or at the park

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KJEANNE SparkPoints: (39,612)
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4/22/13 12:24 P

Both. Yoga at home. Weights and cardio at the gym. Also bike riding for cardio.

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4/22/13 12:11 P


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MISSMEL1982 Posts: 1,189
4/22/13 12:10 P

mostly at home or outside when I can. I do have a gym membership, but I don't really use it too often.

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MELMOMOF4 SparkPoints: (7,311)
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Posts: 1,455
4/22/13 8:30 A

I work out at home.

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QUEEN3510VA Posts: 504
4/22/13 8:20 A

I have a home gym

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JAMIEBOYD328 SparkPoints: (9,077)
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Posts: 293
4/22/13 7:35 A

Outside emoticon

Jamie Boyd
RENEEAQUA SparkPoints: (35,157)
Fitness Minutes: (7,164)
Posts: 1,114
4/21/13 11:41 P

at home. i like the flexibility and it's free emoticon

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DISNEY4537 SparkPoints: (145,052)
Fitness Minutes: (68,608)
Posts: 2,427
4/21/13 10:44 P

At home

AMASCHING Posts: 444
4/21/13 9:29 P

Both at home and the gym. At home I'll go for a run or do an exercise video. Sometimes I go outside on my porch and do stretching and take my small weights and do strength training.

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
Fitness Minutes: (84,828)
Posts: 3,412
4/21/13 11:29 A


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
SPIRITEDJOURNEY SparkPoints: (909)
Fitness Minutes: (288)
Posts: 20
4/21/13 10:36 A

I prefer to work out at home. I work in a hospital with a schedule that is all over the place. I use Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. It's 30 minutes a day 6 days a week. I hope at some point that the hospital will put a gym in, Lord knows there are a ton of us that need it!

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EINVALENTINE SparkPoints: (6,546)
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Posts: 28
4/21/13 10:00 A

Both! The gym where I go to college is free, and I have plenty of fitness equipment/resources at home as well. I prefer to do my strength training at the gym though.

PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
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Posts: 1,215
4/21/13 8:28 A

Gym. It helps me push a little harder.

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DWSCHUYLER Posts: 1,135
4/21/13 6:55 A


Debbie - NY

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4/21/13 6:04 A


LINEBACKER1968 Posts: 394
4/21/13 3:38 A


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ALBROOKS03 SparkPoints: (3,692)
Fitness Minutes: (2,282)
Posts: 43
4/19/13 8:26 A

Home. I am slowing putting together a mini gym at home and it so helpfuly because I have two kids. They can be at home or outside playing while I work out in my garage.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (185,730)
Fitness Minutes: (112,368)
Posts: 32,577
4/19/13 6:12 A

at home

Trev, Kent Southeast UK

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4/19/13 6:12 A

both. Walking, resistance bands, Wii Fit, Zumba and Pilates at home; ST, Pilates classes, elliptical and treadmill at gym

Margaret--Spring, TX
The Beck Deck Crew!
4/18/13 11:37 P

both I have a trainer at the gym and a real nice home gym as well

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/18/13 10:57 P

both.........weight training class 3 days a week...spin bike class 1 day a week. And my 1 day of weight training and 4 days of cardio at home.

4/18/13 7:56 P

home. it's free!

SUZE1960 SparkPoints: (49,179)
Fitness Minutes: (63,547)
Posts: 185
4/18/13 7:37 P

at home to DVD's and on my spinning bike

BRONXBABE SparkPoints: (126,787)
Fitness Minutes: (126,500)
Posts: 3,009
4/18/13 7:06 P

Both. And outside.


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8MORE2GO1 Posts: 1,839
4/18/13 6:27 P

Gym and I just joined another place called Title Boxing so fun!

4/18/13 5:23 P

I workout at home, go to Zumba at a community center and go to a bootcamp once a week. I'm in college so I have free gym access but I never go

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TANNERZ SparkPoints: (34,035)
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Posts: 1,226
4/18/13 4:25 P

At home and walking outside. I find gym memberships to be a waste of money.

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ALORTA SparkPoints: (7,363)
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Posts: 310
4/18/13 4:15 P


STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,507)
Fitness Minutes: (4,571)
Posts: 577
4/18/13 3:59 P


I do my cardio mostly at the gym: Treadmill, Elliptical, Stairstepper.
I do my ST at home: ChaLEAN Extreme, or Jackie Warner.
I also do cardio at home to maybe add an extra day: HIIT, Turbo Fire, TapoutXT, I have many DVD's to chose from to keep it fresh.

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REGINA_PHALANGE SparkPoints: (17,537)
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Posts: 681
4/18/13 3:47 P

I have a gym membership, and that's what I did through the winter. Now that it's nice outside I've barely used the gym - I run outside and do strength training (I only use body weight) after my runs, either outside or when I get home. I'm starting to consider canceling my gym membership.

VICKYARI Posts: 13
4/18/13 2:28 P

I workout inside because its so hot here in Florida already, walking and weight training at home.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/18/13 1:34 P

my living room and my chiros office. (chandler puts us through our paces. his leg workout was a killer yesterday)

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,158)
Fitness Minutes: (84,828)
Posts: 3,412
4/18/13 1:25 P


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.
JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
4/18/13 12:50 P

Both. I run at home, very occassionally do ST at home, and go to the gym when the weather is bad to run and primarily for ST.

Interestingly enough, I joined the gym because I had no motivation to work out at home. Now I'm doing good if I get to the gym twice a week for my ST sessions. However, in order to get the ball rolling, I was at the gym 3 times a week for several months.

I do not have any fitness equipment at home other than my own body. So I run and walk outside and I do ST using my own body weight.

MARAJAKE SparkPoints: (1,597)
Fitness Minutes: (1,764)
Posts: 72
4/18/13 12:45 P

I can't work out at home. I'm never motivated alone as I am around my peers in class. I wouldn't push myself as hard.

MACSMOOTH SparkPoints: (2,570)
Fitness Minutes: (7,796)
Posts: 85
4/18/13 12:26 P

I'm actually a mix of home, gym and work.

Home - If I work out at home, I'm generally walking around my neighborhood. From my house to the closest major road is exactly 5 miles. I love being outside and I love the fact that the community was built for walkers, joggers and bikers (sidewalk, trails, etc.). If I'm inside my house and I want to work out, I generally use my Xbox Kinect (Kinect Sports or Dance Central).

Work - When I'm at work, I do a lot of walking. I walk from the train station to my job (1.5 miles), walk during lunch (2.5 miles) and walk from my job back to the train station (1.5 miles). I work in downtown DC, so the area is very pedestrian friendly and there is always a lot to see (I work 2 blocks from the White House).

Gym - As much as I hate having a monthly bill for the gym, I am a member of LA Fitness. From my experience, I've never been able to lose a good amount of weight without doing some weight training. The gym is the only place I can go to get access to the weight training equipment (I'm not cluttering up my house with exercise equipment). Also I like the gym because of the elliptical trainers, it gives me a more intense cardio workout than walking and takes less time. The gym also gives me a place to exercise when the weather is bad or I feel like working out at night).

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CUDA440 SparkPoints: (77,078)
Fitness Minutes: (72,418)
Posts: 7,846
4/18/13 12:09 P

HOME. I have a bunch of different DVD's and mix them up each month. I have been doing this for the last 2 1/2 years.


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AGOALOF150 Posts: 217
4/18/13 11:52 A

I recently ended my YMCA membership since it is getting nice out in the hopes that I would just go outdoors. I am curious to know how many people work out at home and how many people work out at the gym and what activities you do?

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