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12/29/13 12:08 P

I went to my sister's family for Christmas. So she's got all the left overs. Not me!

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12/29/13 6:18 A

not for a long while. I cook what I need but some meals I make to store in portion sizes

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12/29/13 6:12 A


MSBUTTERFLY1976 Posts: 2,042
12/29/13 3:29 A

only a little mac and cheese left now

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,607
12/29/13 1:37 A

Nope, didn't bring any home


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12/29/13 1:35 A


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12/28/13 11:41 P

No, I didn't bring any left overs home!!!

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12/28/13 11:35 P


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12/28/13 11:11 P

yes, enough to feed a small army I'd venture to say~

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12/28/13 10:23 P


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12/28/13 8:02 P


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12/28/13 7:35 P

We eat all the leftovers by having a family pot luck an that seems to care of the issue.

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12/28/13 7:21 P


12/28/13 5:43 P

yes & no .... the leftover prime rib was cut into sandwich thickness slices and frozen *but* the pumpkin pie didn't get finished off until this afternoon.

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12/28/13 4:06 P



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12/28/13 3:55 P


EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
12/28/13 3:16 P

Absolutely. Luckily for us, the feast was at a family member's home! So we could take whatever leftovers we chose. I left all the desserts and sweet stuff.

We still have a portion (or more) of spiral-sliced ham.
And a couple portions of wonderfully rare rib roast (and two ribs!) that can be quick-roasted again in the toaster oven.
I caved in and brought home his mom's homemade potato salad, which he loves - and doesn't get here because we don't "do" potatoes. I left the potato casserole and the mac-n-cheese, which we also don't need.
I love cantaloupe, and she bought a big package of it for the fruit tray. I left the cut-up pieces, but brought the 4-5 wedges home. I cleaned out that fruit tray of its apple slices, too.
We got a small container of her homemade roast-beef gravy, which I don't make.
I left, under duress, the temptation of homemade bread and rolls, which wouldn't have lasted an instant if I'd brought it back here. I have no self control with that sort of thing.
His aunt makes big plates and tins of homemade cookies as Xmas presents, but since she knows DH is diabetic, and we're both supposed to be restricted-carb, she makes banana bread for us and his sister (who also is T2D). I didn't have the heart, this year or last, to inform her that we can no more have the banana bread than the cookies. I left them.

Other than that, I'm very happy to be back in my own kitchen, with my own preferred foods. I was craving gelatin, of all things! I've been noshing raw veggies and dip. And pickles! Our locally raised, truly pastured eggs are calling to me. I've got some of my homemade bone broth defrosting, and that sounds great for dinner, maybe with one of those roasted bones! mmmm

Leftovers can be challenging here. I can't eat large quantities, nor often. I can't get through leftovers quickly enough to feel "safe" about them, so if I don't freeze some, or can't get DH to polish them off, I end up having to toss them, which really breaks my heart. But I'm not going to eat them just to eat them. I'm not the compost bin!

I do love having all this "special" food to choose from now and then though. Mom's buffet! yum

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12/28/13 2:46 P

I'm rationing the home made cookies and brownies ! In short, I'm portion controlling my left overs to make them last a bit longer. yum.

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12/28/13 2:27 P

Yes, just the ice cream and cake.

ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (190,890)
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12/28/13 2:18 P

Yes, Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake

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12/28/13 2:08 P

I have some ham left; I need to freeze some of it. I froze a bunch of cookies and will take them to a New Year's Eve get-together we're going to-- and try to send them home with someone there. LOL.

The kids just finished up the rolls and the punch from Christmas dinner . . .

everything that we get rid of is one less thing tempting me!

TINALOVE87 Posts: 51
12/28/13 1:58 P

I suggest that people with leftover throw them starts to spoil after three days. If the food was sitting out the day of the party food will spoil even sooner.

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12/28/13 1:56 P

Oh, no......all gone! emoticon

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12/28/13 1:29 P


LOUIE-LILY Posts: 2,632
12/28/13 1:27 P

No, finished them yesterday!


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12/28/13 1:17 P

I have some cookies left emoticon

- Danny :)
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ETHELMERZ Posts: 8,685
12/28/13 1:08 P

Yes, ham is enough for breakfast, tamales are enough for one more meal, and turkey is enough for one more meal. Some treats are saved for New Year's Eve though, and then it's done with. Even the two Birthday cakes are done, sent home with the kids.

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QUEEN-EYDIE Posts: 11,753
12/28/13 12:01 P

I have some cookies in the freezer.

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12/28/13 11:55 A

I still have some ham and some peppermint cheesecake. Both of which will go into the freezer today.
I still have a few pieces of candy and some cookies but I think those will go to work with me on Monday. I might take the cheesecake too, if I remember to pull it out of the freezer.

I made ham and bean soup yesterday which turned out really good.

MNOT2THICK Posts: 10,773
12/28/13 11:48 A


T from NYC.

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FITWITHIN Posts: 21,802
12/28/13 10:32 A

Yes, but they are starting to get less and less now. I had Christmas at my house this year. I ended up with more for than I needed. Many people that said they were coming didn't show up. They ones that did come I made sure that had a carrier box of food to take home with them.

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12/28/13 10:23 A

yes, a little bit of a lot of foods, they will be gone by tomorrow

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NISSANGIRL Posts: 21,979
12/28/13 10:04 A

froze some

JEFFGIRL Posts: 7,550
12/28/13 10:03 A


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12/28/13 9:55 A

Just a little turkey and gravy and one portion of the leftover casserole we made from all the leftovers!

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SHERYLDS Posts: 13,707
12/28/13 9:47 A

No .... I don't cook huge feasts for holidays anymore. I make enough for 1 day leftovers.

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ANNETTE117 Posts: 2,551
12/28/13 9:38 A


formerly Coolgirl68
12/28/13 9:07 A

I still have leftovers and we are sick of them. I'm throwing them out and getting a fresh start on healthier foods that I'm serving in smaller portions. Feeling too full these days!

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DELRIO1 Posts: 5,705
12/28/13 8:26 A

so much that it went in the freezer

TRYINGHARD54 Posts: 5,000
12/28/13 8:16 A


PAULIE91952 Posts: 6,176
12/28/13 8:02 A

yes we do

CANADIANFROG09 Posts: 1,994
12/28/13 6:45 A

Yes, freeze what ever I can and use it up in casseroles later !

Ane Marie
Hamilton On, EST

THROOPER62 Posts: 21,838
12/28/13 4:39 A

Online Now  • ))
No, I didn't cook for Christmas.

SLLYONS51 Posts: 3,168
12/28/13 4:16 A

No--did not cook for Christmas.

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12/28/13 3:31 A


I'm trusting God to direct my path.


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12/28/13 1:43 A


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12/28/13 1:22 A


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12/28/13 12:22 A


RUBENB2003 Posts: 13,527
12/28/13 12:00 A

Nope, no more. Thank goodness.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,866
12/27/13 11:57 P

I still have left overs and boy I can't wait till they are gone

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