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HOLLYRAE2784 Posts: 30
9/7/09 5:42 P

I've really increased my fiber, so I really really need to increase my water...sometimes I get way too bloated with all this fiber...but I think it takes time for your body to get used to...

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
9/7/09 5:33 P

Actually, I poop LESS when I eat unhealthily. I poop regularly and frequently when I eat healthily.

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
Fitness Minutes: (139,273)
Posts: 4,405
9/7/09 4:09 P

Just doesn't matter to me, I'm regular.

9/7/09 1:47 P

nope, more for me

JASI27 Posts: 855
9/7/09 1:42 P

I went from loose several times a day to normal once or twice a day. I was always wondering this as well, so I am glad someone asked.!

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
9/7/09 9:20 A

We do like to talk about our poop don't we?

I was always regular but notice less volumn when eating healthy. And less gas.

VEGGIE67 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,619)
Posts: 87
9/7/09 9:20 A

Dr Oz talked about this on Oprah and in his book. If you;re eating right it should be a nice firm banana shape.

I'll stop now emoticon

IBHLKING Posts: 1,341
9/7/09 9:17 A

I find I go less...even if I manage to go every day the amount is reduced. I started tracking my fiber and noticed this issue even when I am getting enough. I do have IBS so that factors in and I think my fat intake is part of the issue.

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
9/7/09 9:14 A

No, sorry, you are wrong, GinaKina. Cats are obligate carnivores. Meaning they will die without taurine. But canines ARE carnivores. Yes, carnivores. Sure, they'll scavage anything to ward off starvation. Just because they can "survive" on plant and other material does not mean it is their optimum diet, and the one they evolved on. We can live on Twinkies, too. Doesn't mean we should.

GRYPHYNSMAMA SparkPoints: (544)
Fitness Minutes: (4,324)
Posts: 532
9/7/09 9:01 A

defintely more and more regularly. I could set a clock by my "morning constitutional" LOL

GINAKINA Posts: 2,559
9/6/09 7:06 P

Just had to add that canines are absolutely not 100% carnivores. They are omnivores like us. Cats, on the other hand, really are natural carnivores.

BETHANYBOO Posts: 2,039
9/6/09 4:46 P

More now. I'm not going to get into the specifics, but when I use the bathroom is obvious that I'm eating much healthier than I used to. emoticon

SEASHELL78 SparkPoints: (37,594)
Fitness Minutes: (21,869)
Posts: 1,351
9/6/09 3:36 P

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks about things like this! I've always been regular, both eating healthy and unhealthy. I have notice that volume seems to decrease when I eat healthy. I figure that has to do with the amount of food that goes in when I overeat, vs the correct amount when I'm watching calories.

100IN12 Posts: 36
9/6/09 3:29 P

I'm glad someone brought this up, I had wondered it too. Actually, I used to go MORE when I was eating poorly. And more gas-passing too, if I may be so crude. As I eat healthfully (even with lots of veggies and such) I go #2 less, which is to say, on a more regular basis. And virtually no tooting! Ha. I have the maturity level of a 12 year old. Maybe younger.

BRY3950 Posts: 38
9/6/09 3:20 P

Just the opposite. Vegetables and fiber do my body good.

9/6/09 1:48 P

When I was living the unhealthy lifestyle, I hardly ever went #2. Honestly, sometimes I would go a week or so without going...since eating healthier, I go at least once a day, and (hope this isn't TMI) its very, um, fulfilling! No straining! lol..I have heard people who go on restrictive diets sometimes get constipated because they are possibly not getting enough grains, fruits, and veggies...whenever I tried low carb I had a lot of issues with the potty.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,323)
Fitness Minutes: (189,537)
Posts: 15,820
9/6/09 11:17 A

No. More.

DIETWAR99 Posts: 776
9/6/09 11:09 A

Even before this eating healthy I wasn't able to go #2 very often. It is like once a week and not much. I had a doctors appointment but it was canceled so I have another one Tuesday. I have been tracking my fiber and I am not getting enough. I posted about this and some said maybe I am not eating enough or not enough fiber. So I thought that I would go to the doctor and see what he has to say because it has been like this for I don't even know how long. I use to not think about it until I observed my bf going a few times a day, I thought something was wrong with him. But mom also goes a few times a day so I guess it is me.
I had to changed doctors because my primary I have no idea when I would be able to see him. They give me a appointment for a month away then cancel and give me a appointment another month away and the same thing happens so I hope that these new doctors are better.

PVILLELADY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,633)
Posts: 1,879
9/6/09 11:07 A

Not me! I'm eating more fiber and whole grains now. I've gone from being extremely irregular to being more "normal."

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
9/6/09 8:04 A

I get what you're asking. When I put my dog on a raw diet, his poops shrunk to almost nothing because EVERYTHING that went into his mouth was being utilized by his body, and less was being wasted to come out as...well, waste. emoticon

But their ideal and optimum diet is totally different from ours. Canids are 100% carnivores, while humans are omnivores. While we can absorb all the nutrients from fruits and veggies, there's gonna be stuff left over. Think like the pulp tray of a juicer after all the juice is squeezed out.

TATASTHA Posts: 2,103
9/6/09 7:43 A

When I first started on here I cut back on my portions and unknowingly cut way back on fiber. I was eating lots of fruits & veggies but very little grains. For the next few days on my new plan I discovered that I was having problems pooping. I suggest that you track your fiber and make sure you are getting enough water to wash everything through if you are having this problem

MARI_MAC1109 Posts: 399
9/6/09 7:17 A

Actually, most people poop more! Since a healthy diet is full of whole grains, fruits and veggies, you'll probably be getting more fiber on a healthy diet and fiber is one of the things that can make you "regular."

9/6/09 6:56 A

Wierd question I know but I was wondering do U poop less when you eat healthy because your body uses up more of the nutrients of the healthy food and there is less waste.....? Anyone know?

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