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LACIEKAY SparkPoints: (7,142)
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12/15/12 7:47 P

in most cases, people need to learn on their own. if they believe there is a shortcut, they will try to find it.. if you're asked, share.. but if you offer up the ''do it the hard way'' advice, it will probably fall on deaf ears for now.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (338,048)
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12/15/12 6:09 P

like most people sometimes

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (192,330)
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12/15/12 5:59 P

If asked directly I will tell people about SP. I though about emailing one person at work the SP website address, but she didn't seem very interested (sort of a "I'm fat and there's nothing I can do about it" attitude), so I didn't push it.

NEPTUNE1939 Posts: 16,658
12/15/12 11:10 A


MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,416
12/15/12 11:09 A

I like Killer Joes response.

Especially when your weight stays off and your friend gains hers back, and then some.

You can tell them that. I have found though that people ask and they want to hear, I took XYZ Supplement and lost 70 lbs in two days.

When I tell people that I am cleaning up my eating and exercising 30 minutes a day. They seem dejected and walk off.

HAWAII5YEARS SparkPoints: (61,331)
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12/15/12 10:01 A

I am an opinionated person and since many of my friends are the same way (and have no problem telling me I need to cut carbs or join their gym) I have no problem telling them how foolish I think they are!
Okay, I'm not that bad. I won't hesitate to tell them to use caution, especially with supplements. Too many people have seriously bad reactions to those unregulated quack treatments. I also let them know that they can always join me here on SP if they don't have success with their methods. emoticon

UPBEAT551 SparkPoints: (28,516)
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12/15/12 10:00 A

I know you have the best intentions, but we all have to find our own way to lose. She will figure it out when she really wants to lose. It takes some people a long time to realize what works. It's their journey.

HOLLYM48 Posts: 18,125
12/15/12 8:51 A

I would not say anything unless asked directly. Different things work for different people but even if they lose the weight initially, they will probably gain it back when they go back to their regular lifestyle. But I have found that people don't really want to hear it.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
12/15/12 7:53 A

I would keep your opinion to yourself unless asked.

QUEENREAP12409 SparkPoints: (3,440)
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12/14/12 11:11 A

I wouldn't give your opinion unless they ask for it. When the diet fad they are currently using stops working for them in the long term, mention how you've just had to do it the hard way.

Some people just never learn that there isn't a miracle pill out there, and will spend the rest of their lives searching for it.

PARKERB2 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/14/12 10:58 A

Tell them about fruits and veggies, whole grains and lean protein the good stuff that taste great that's good for you.

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
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12/14/12 10:56 A

I just wish them well and ask them to please stay in touch with results. If, at that point, they ask for comments, then I move into the soft sell mode to elaborate on how I have succeeded (if I have, of course) using SP and common sense and then follow up with something like there are many paths we can choose and I hope you do well.

12/14/12 10:13 A

My reply would have been this:
"Wow, lmk how those work out for you, I'm losing weight and getting healthy the hard way by eating right and exercising and that seems to work for me, lol"

It doesn't tear down their lame diet product and you get to inject what works for you!

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (218,732)
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12/14/12 8:58 A

I had a friend of mine who was swearing by some sort of herbal wrap. I haven't seen her post about it for awhile, so I think she figured out it wasn't going to work, long term.

You can congratulate your friend, but unless she asks you what she thinks, I would keep your opinion to yourself. YOU, of course, can post about the exercise you did or the energy you have or the goals you've achieved. But don't tell someone what they're doing is wrong. If they want your advice, they'll ask.

REGILIEH SparkPoints: (541,660)
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12/14/12 8:51 A


DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/14/12 8:44 A

Everyone is entitled to my opinion, whether they decide to pay any attention to it, is their choice. I have had many friends talk about vaccinating kids, getting the horrid flu shot, and other things-- even losing weight.

I tell them the plan I follow doesn't need vaccinations or meds of any kind and I haven't been sick in over two years-- not a cold or virus or flu of any kind. If they want to listen further I tell them. I only agree with maybe about what 1/2 this site puts out because lets face it-- the medical world is constantly changing. There are differing opinions about everything. Today drinking water is good for you, but tomorrow it won't be. Today eating fruits and veggies will give you a high on life, but tomorrow some study will come out and tell you that you shouldn't consume certain fruits or veggies.

When these supplements for weightloss come on the market, i steer clear and let everyone in my circle of friends know it. If they don't like my opinion, they can either take what i say with a gran of salt or unfriend me.

GDANE3 SparkPoints: (235,873)
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12/14/12 6:52 A

Its all in how to share it. You can say you didn't have success with those products and say what has worked for you .

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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Posts: 2,954
12/14/12 6:44 A

Yep volunteer it if she asks

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,804
12/13/12 11:28 P

IF they ask for your opinion, give it!
If they don't, don't.

SOFT_VAL67 Posts: 2,836
12/13/12 10:24 P

The other day I was on FB and seen a post about a friend who had lost 20 pounds since Aug.
Now I was very happy for my friend and I know she walks cause I seen her on the track many many mornings.
But when asked how she did it, she said only eating twice a day.
Another post I seen was about a new diet product and a few friends were posting questions etc.
Me, knowing these products dont work, wanted so much to say HEY, WAKE UP!!!
I wanted to say how these products are mostly a waste of time and money and that the best way to lose is hard work, cutting calories, eating healthy, etc.
But I didnt, either time....I just kept my opinion to myself.
But I wonder what all of you would have done????
Should we give an opinion?
I guess for me mostly it was because I have failed so many times past, I think if I have a set back and gain any of my 60 lost pounds back, I might be put on the spot.
I dont plan to and I do plan to stick to my plan....I wish I could share my plan and how its worked for me, someone who never ever had success in any of those other ways. But I am relucntant to say anything.

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