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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/17/13 10:59 P

I just eat a low sugar low salt low fat diet. I eat lots of veggies some fruits whole grains and lots of proteins.

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12/16/13 4:52 P

No, I never followed it. It is geared toward a very American style of eating which doesn't work for me.

The nutritional goals were a more useful tool for me.

I think that the existence of the food plan is good thing though for people who have no idea where to start.

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LOVINGLIFE45 Posts: 209
12/15/13 12:38 P

I find that following a prescribed food plan too stringent. Half the foods are things I don't eat and substituting is too much trouble. I just eat what I want and like in moderation. I use my food scale to eat one or two servings and track my intake so that I stay within 1,200 calories. It works for me so I'm happy. In two weeks I've lost 6 pounds

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12/15/13 6:06 A


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12/15/13 4:33 A

nope - use recipes from the site though

12/15/13 3:42 A

I do not follow spark people's food plan. I have been gluten free for 3 years due to celiac disease. I went grain,sugar/artificial sweetener, soy, and GMO free on Nov 23, and I am doing wonderful with this way of eating.

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This woe is the first thing that has truly made sense and worked for me. Having great success with it.
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12/13/13 8:33 P

SparkPeople does have a lot to offer, I love this website!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
12/13/13 5:19 P

Lol...I never knew there was a food plan.

I agree with Russell, it's probably to help people who don't know where to start.

SP has a lot of nice tools.

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
12/13/13 4:50 P

I'm guessing the SP food plan.

No, I read it on Day 1, and noticed that some of the small servings were never repeated. Since I am eating by myself, what would I do with the rest of the food? That, plus the fact that I was already down 95 lbs. eating a controlled carbohydrate diet, led me to switch it off, and make my own meals about 30 minutes after joining SP.

I think it is there more as an example for those who do not have a plan, or even an idea of what they should be eating. Just another tool for our use, and we can use it if we need it. I do think that most of us would stray from the meal plans as we got a firmer grasp on eating healthier anyways. So the suggestions are kind of like training wheels. Great when you need them, but able to be removed when you are ready.

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12/13/13 3:37 P

I never did.

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SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
12/13/13 3:32 P

No. I eat the foods I normally do just less. I do read the plan menu each day though for some ideas.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,884
12/13/13 3:26 P

That is what I do. I have to eat what I like. Or else I feel deprived and then I binge

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12/13/13 3:04 P

I don't, it felt to much like a diet for me, I do track everything I eat and stay within the recommended range (98% of the time) though.

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