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do you eat cauliflower mashed potatoes?

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Posts: 53
5/2/13 11:46 A

Yes - this is a wonderful alternative to mashed potatoes. Very similar taste and texture. Kids are fooled once they add their butter and salt. I like it plain - very flavorful plain as well.

SparkPoints: (126,009)
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Posts: 2,239
5/2/13 11:39 A


Posts: 447
5/2/13 12:42 A

No, but it sounds like a great substitution!

SparkPoints: (98,697)
Fitness Minutes: (51,629)
Posts: 5,626
5/2/13 12:28 A

No, but I plan to try sometime...

SparkPoints: (215,954)
Fitness Minutes: (193,720)
Posts: 6,775
5/1/13 11:53 P

No, but I would really love to try them.

Posts: 11,329
5/1/13 11:39 P


Posts: 20,961
5/1/13 11:35 P

No! I rarely eat mashed potatoes but when I do I want the real thing.

SparkPoints: (45,870)
Fitness Minutes: (32,813)
Posts: 3,657
5/1/13 10:54 P

I don't like cauliflour ... so, I haven't tried them mashed. But I have tried mashed celery root and like it. The hint of celery flavor is very mild and pleasant to me. But they are a little hard to work with, so I haven't made them in a while.

SparkPoints: (93,063)
Fitness Minutes: (34,255)
Posts: 5,630
5/1/13 10:24 P

To me, potatoes taste like potatoes, and cauliflower tastes like cauliflower. I'm not saying mashed cauliflower isn't delicious, because I love it, but it's not the same as potatoes...nice to have to change things up.

SparkPoints: (5,959)
Fitness Minutes: (4,315)
Posts: 158
5/1/13 10:22 P

thanks for the reminder! I love cauliflower mashed potatoes.. Haven't had that in so long!

SparkPoints: (40,949)
Fitness Minutes: (20,781)
Posts: 1,609
5/1/13 10:22 P

I have not tried them. However, I have made celery root and that was ok. I emoticon because if I plan for the real thing, I can have some. If I tried the other, it would stand on its own as I'm having cauliflower masked tonight instead of raw.

Posts: 2,035
5/1/13 10:01 P

I have not, but I do mix in turnips in my mashed potatoes and they are YUM!

SparkPoints: (80,926)
Fitness Minutes: (61,080)
Posts: 3,723
5/1/13 9:49 P

My dh hates those "faux" dishes, made to pretend to be potatoes or rice or noodles. He says if I fix cauliflower, he likes it just fine, no need to mush it up and play pretend. We eat potatoes now and then, usually baked, and I don't buy the huge ones that they serve in a restaurant, I buy smaller russets or red skinned. After years of watching what we eat, I'm not going to fool around with phony pretend foods.

Posts: 5,853
5/1/13 9:43 P

Thanks for the feed back

SparkPoints: (1,834)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 143
4/30/13 3:55 P

YUCK! Made it once for my family and no one touched it.

SparkPoints: (78,800)
Fitness Minutes: (30,187)
Posts: 1,083
4/30/13 3:34 P

I've never tried it.

SparkPoints: (81,135)
Fitness Minutes: (64,659)
Posts: 407
4/30/13 3:32 P

yes; love it

Posts: 631
4/30/13 3:28 P

Np, and I don't intend to.

SparkPoints: (21,124)
Fitness Minutes: (17,426)
Posts: 1,188
4/30/13 2:49 P

No reason to! I love cauliflower as is, cooked or raw, and I'm learning portion control on my mashed potatoes...which I also love. And the Potassium is good in potatoes.... (I know, not as good if boiled, but still OK...)

I'm intrigued by Bunnykicks & Sherylds idea about adding in other veggies to potatoes though! Thanks--will give it a try soon!!!

Edited by: LADYSTARWIND at: 4/30/2013 (14:52)

Posts: 2,298
4/30/13 2:39 P

I've never tried to pass off mashed cauliflower as a "potato-like side dish" BUT what I often do is cook some turnips or rutabagas in WITH the potatoes... have also tried this with celery root and even with chopped celery. And sometimes a clove of garlic or some chopped onion. Just put all in a pot, boil up and mash. More flavour, more vitamins, more deliciousness... and makes your potato side dish more calorie-wise/less starchy/less in need of additional butter.

I have done this for years, not because of any diet-related reason, just because I like the taste. I can go 1/3 to 1/2 "veg" and still get the full-on mashed-potato-experience.

I imagine cauliflower would work similarly well in this potatoes-and-veg mash-up.

Posts: 229
4/30/13 2:25 P

I've tried this and it's really good. The cauliflower has a neutral taste so it blends in well with the potatoes.

Posts: 51
4/30/13 2:21 P

Yes, they are very good. My wife has also made Cauliflower mac & cheese using cauliflower instead of pasta. Also very good.

Posts: 466
4/30/13 2:19 P

I have not tried them, but I am curious as to how they would taste.

SparkPoints: (247,289)
Fitness Minutes: (223,310)
Posts: 28,440
4/30/13 2:16 P

never tried it

Posts: 887
4/30/13 12:15 P

never tried it.

Posts: 1,809
4/30/13 12:11 P

To me they taste okay, but would rather just have steamed chunks of it or have it fresh. I probably will not make it again.

SparkPoints: (74,331)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
4/30/13 11:55 A

I tried making them but they didn't taste like mashed potatoes as a lot of chefs say. So I haven't tried them since.

Posts: 2,541
4/30/13 11:49 A

Tried them once. Consistency was strange but it was the first and only time I have made them.

Posts: 474
4/30/13 10:47 A

Yes, they are delicious. I make them sometimes but not for weight control purposes, just because I like them.

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
4/30/13 10:21 A

No, I have never had it. I do love both and have mashed potatoes once in a blue moon. I love cauliflower roasted.

Posts: 13,610
4/30/13 10:11 A

I have tried them and while they are good. They are no substitute for real mashed potatoes

SparkPoints: (27,023)
Fitness Minutes: (15,034)
Posts: 870
4/30/13 10:09 A

They are a great substitute for mashed potatoes. I love them.

SparkPoints: (31,192)
Fitness Minutes: (25,028)
Posts: 1,042
4/30/13 10:05 A

I love them! I also love mashed potatoes, so I still make both. I find that the texture seems more like rice than like potatoes, so we've served it with stir fry.

SparkPoints: (61,119)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
4/30/13 9:05 A

there's definitely an art to making them. Mine tend to come out a bit watery. But they taste great!

Posts: 5,070
4/30/13 9:03 A

They are ok. I prefer raw cauliflower.

I have added celery root to my mashed potatoes when I did potatoes. That had an interesting flavor.

Posts: 1,181
4/30/13 8:37 A

I made cauliflower pizza before and the end result tasted amazing. Unfortunately the odour from the cooking and digestion process was enough to turn me off the idea of making it as a frequent substitute. Apparently cauliflower and I don't get along very well. emoticon

SparkPoints: (152,841)
Fitness Minutes: (152,739)
Posts: 10,003
4/30/13 8:32 A

I have had mashed cauliflower with no potatoes and I like it. They do not taste exactly like mashed potatoes. I also love mashed potatoes.

Posts: 1,685
4/30/13 8:27 A

Nope, I just eat cauiflower without the potatoes.

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
4/30/13 8:25 A

Sure do. We love them.

Posts: 5,248
4/30/13 8:21 A

absolutely...very tasty

Posts: 4,015
4/30/13 8:05 A


Posts: 11,646
4/30/13 8:01 A

I've made cauliflower and mashed them.
it does not taste like mashed potatoes but there is something in my mind that sees a mound of white on the plate and associates it with starch. I like cauliflower and I enjoyed it.

I've also had mashed potatoes which were half parsnips half potato and that was delicious as well.

SparkPoints: (28,463)
Fitness Minutes: (16,749)
Posts: 986
4/30/13 6:31 A

Now I'm intrigued! I will have to try them.

Posts: 1,088
4/30/13 6:29 A

No but I really want to try them, they sound yummy!

SparkPoints: (210,962)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,556
4/30/13 6:28 A

yes, I love them. They don't taste exactly like mashed potatoes but close!

Posts: 906
4/30/13 6:21 A


Posts: 5,853
4/30/13 6:20 A

I always wanted to know how many really substitute the potato for it and if it really tastes like mashed potatoes....

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