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SQUIGGLE12345 Posts: 107
3/1/09 12:49 P

This has happened to me in the past. In fact I just went to the doctor this week about the same thing because I was nervous it might be indicating the onset of diabetes. My doctor told me it was because my blood pressure suddenly dropped from prolonged standing/activity. Basically he said when I feel it coming on to sit down and wait for it to pass.

RLHOTAN Posts: 2,176
3/1/09 12:46 P

Hi! I have actually started using the stair master at the gym and I find that if I keep staring in one place for too long I get really nauseous. I have to keep adjusting my gaze all over the place. I usually work out in the evenings so I am pretty sure I have enough food in me by then. I know I naturally have low blood pressure. Maybe the intensity is just too high...I don't know.

But, I think it was moto who wrote something about only eating 1 or 2 crackers w/pb. That is probably not enough. I usually eat one slice of whole wheat bread w/1 tbsp of bp, 1 small banana, and 7 to 8 oz of skim milk. Just remember, breakfast should be a larger meal so you have the calories to sustain you through the day. Plus, if you are working out in the morning you don't want to work out right after you eat. You should wait 1 1/2 - 2 hours after your meal so you body can first work to digest your food then be able to work to burn calories. It can't efficiently do both at the same time!

Good luck! I hope you feel better!

3/1/09 12:21 P

So, I was told to try Gatorade/ Powerade. I am having one now. I do not like the idea of drinking 210 cals after working out at the gym and burning so much, but I guess I might as well give it a try... maybe that'll help with my electrolye balance. Any ideas anyone ???

QUISTAK Posts: 227
3/1/09 11:32 A

This has happened to me when I've been doing very intense exercise and haven't had enough water that day. Be sure to drink enough water beforehand and re-hydrate throughout your workout!

JWALLD Posts: 514
3/1/09 11:30 A

You probably didn't eat enough prior - take a break!

WISEONE24 Posts: 882
3/1/09 11:23 A

That has happened to me a few times on the elliptical. Sometimes I get dizzy and lose my balance when I get off the machine too.

Several years ago I was doing kickboxing and almost fainted and the trainer gave me orange juice to get sugar in me. That seemed to help.

3/1/09 11:21 A

I get dizzy/hot/light headed/black out/nausea's feelings when I *think* about doing cardio or strength training

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
3/1/09 11:05 A

Make sure you're staying hydrated and have some fuel in your body. Try eating a snack 30 minutes before.

DAVI1000 SparkPoints: (13,950)
Fitness Minutes: (24,787)
Posts: 605
3/1/09 10:08 A

I also get dizzy and nauseous but never fainted. It happens when I'm working out at a higher intensity.

MOGLEWER Posts: 788
3/1/09 8:31 A

I eat my oatmeal and fruit with some yogurt, and then work out an hr earlier. Sometimes your blood sugar can be higher in the morning - not lower. It is called the dawn effect. Check with your doctor. Try and remember all of your symptoms.

2/28/09 11:42 P

I totally feel you! As of late I have been feeling dizzy, and the last few days has been the worst! I almost fainted a few times today too. It seemed to be more of a difference when I drank my two coffees (one in the morning at work and the other while sitting and doing some studying) I almost fall out of my chairs. When I exercise I get a light headed feeling too but haven't actually fainted. The other day I blacked out and almost fell out of my chair in class after sitting down (quickly...?) ...

I think I will get my blood pressure checked. Research I have done has said some stuff about low BP. Also a coworker is in nursing and told me it could have to do with a sinus infection, as i had bad ear infections when I was younger and may just be going through that again. Considering that our cochlear (inner ear) is vital in balance and movement.

I know for me that eating may have decreased lately, and considering I am working out basically everyday, my iron/protein is not the same, STUDENTS AND COOKING DON'T MIX ;)

I hope we can find something out soon! But doctors are vital!
Would love to hear what happened!

FIRSTBB24 Posts: 572
8/18/08 8:58 P

I have the same problem...its usually when i get on the eliptical machine or i do a hard workout for a long period of time...maybe try to slow it down a bit.

4BONNIE Posts: 79
8/18/08 6:47 P

It may be nothing much to worry about. There are many conditions that can cause such things - your heart may be racing too fast (heart rhythm irregularity), your blood pressure too low (dehydration, ect), mitral valve prolapse (many women have this), you may have a hard time regulating body heat. It's not possible to say what it is, but some conditions have to be ruled out. It can be dangerous to black out like that even if the cause is benign. Take your pulse when you feel like that and note if it is regular or not and report this to your doctor. Do you have palpitations or chest pain or shortness of breath that is more pronounced than it should be? Don't worry yourself sick over it because it can likely be treated if it is something that needs attention. You can e mail me if you need to.


MOTO84 Posts: 409
8/18/08 6:24 P

Michele- What helps you when it happens to you?

MOTO84 Posts: 409
8/18/08 6:24 P

I do not use caffine or anything. Now your making me worry :/ What do you think it could be 4BONNIE? I get it from time to time when my body over heats, but this is by far the worse its been

4BONNIE Posts: 79
8/18/08 5:00 P

I'm a nurse and I think you should get a check up soon and don't do anything too strenuous until then. Do you use caffeine or another stimulant? That might also be the problem. Be safe!

HARTMAMP Posts: 501
8/18/08 4:31 P

I find this happening to me sometimes, but I always chalked it up to not having enough water or being too hot... I hope it's not something so serious!

MOTO84 Posts: 409
8/18/08 4:24 P

I plan on scheduling a Dr.'s appointment ASAP. I usually eat 2 whole wheat Ritz crackers with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter before I work out and still got this feeling. Am I eating enough? I don't want to have to wake up 30 minutes prior to working out to cook something or eat something too big to where when I work out, Im working out on a full stomach.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,155)
Fitness Minutes: (294,373)
Posts: 27,077
8/18/08 4:05 P

Ideally, you should check with your doctor and let them know because fainting and dizziness could be caused by a number of different things. Low blood sugar is one problem.

Another problem is hydration. If you are badly dehydrated during your workouts, that could also cause fainting.

However, do check with your doctor. dizziness is also a sign of heart disease in women.

MOTO84 Posts: 409
8/18/08 4:00 P

Thanks for the advice everyone. MANDIETERRIR- how do you solve the problem?

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
8/18/08 2:24 P

That happens to me, my blood sugar is the culprit.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
8/18/08 2:20 P

Also, if you aren't eating before your workout then it could be throwing your sugar out of whack. Our blood sugars are lowest in the morning anyhow and then exercising lowers it further. Try to eat something containing both a carb and a protein in the morning.

ELFITZPA Posts: 1,455
8/18/08 2:18 P

Do you have low blood pressure? That could be a culprit. Make sure you're well hydrated at all times (not just before, after or during a workout) and that there is some sodium in your pre-workout meal or snack.

OUTOFCONTROL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (73,076)
Posts: 11,620
8/18/08 12:49 P

It happens to me sometimes when I'm doing an intense workout without enough nutrition before. Now I make sure I have a really good breakfast with plenty of good carbs and protein. You might also want to bring a sports drink with you just in case you need some extra energy during the workout.

MOTO84 Posts: 409
8/18/08 12:43 P

Ok, so every now and then I get really dizzy/hot/light headed/black out/nausea's feelings when I do cardio or strength training. I have started to eat something BEFORE working out and it seems to help. This morning it happened to me after 30 minutes on the elliptical. I had the resistance up, but not cranked or anything and a fan was blowing on me. By the time I walked into the door of my apartment, I couldn't see. I had black splotches blurring out my vision. I poured some gatorade really quick and started to sip and it helped. My question is: Does this ever happen to you? Do you know why it happens and what do you do to prevent it? HELP! I don't want to stop doing high intensity cardio cause I feel it benefits me so much more than low intensity. I'm not new to exercise so it just baffles me that this sort of stuff is going on

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