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1/29/12 5:47 P

thanks i'll do just that,my doctor and i are keeping an eye on my A1C, as it was starting to creep up, appreciate the imput and thanks emoticon

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1/29/12 5:45 P

thanks for the support and suggestions, much appreciated, i will check out those recipes. emoticon

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1/29/12 1:43 P

I know I say this to everyone but if have access to a pool.. YMCA, indoor pool etc. well that would be such a boost. Deep water jogging will be a great way to have no impact while you burn a load of calories, great for your knee. You're doing great so focus on that!

My gluten & dairy free cooking adventures are located here-!/media/set/?set=a

I'm still working on getting recipes up for all the pics. If there's a particular recipe you'd like more info on, I'd love to help!
JIBBIE49 Posts: 60,751
1/29/12 11:24 A

Read Judith Beck, PhdD' The BECK Diet Solution" and learn to give yourself credit. You probably have Insulin Resistanc/Metabolic Syndrome. Read "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" by Gary Taubes. It has helped me.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 60,751
1/29/12 11:20 A

Don't quit.

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1/29/12 9:09 A

So, i follow my food plan AND( said no to ice cream and cake at work, and late night pizza with my husband) exercised more(walk 2 miles everyday plus an hour excercise class, did my walk on that day when i didnt feel like it, drink my water and i get on the scale this morning and lose a 1/2 lb. what's with that, my calories burned have always been more than calories in. Post menopausal, no periods to blame. I started at 314 on 1/1 and have had consistent weight loss but my goal is 2lbs a week(which i dont think is unrealistic for someone my size) and today 299.5. I was excited that i would be breaking into the 200s this week, but by 1/2 pd,just saddens me. Sorry i am having a pity party for myself. Plus my knee hurts today.

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