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3/23/14 8:40 P

beware any product that says low sodium or low fat. in general fat, salt and sugar are the three things that are used to flavor processed foods. which means that when you make a product low fat the salt and sugar generally go up. when you make a product low or lower sodium, the fat and sugar tend to go up. so don't just grab it because you see that label on it.
it's not impossible to have a diet that is low in those things, but you really need to read labels and cook as much as you can from whole foods.

-google first. ask questions later.

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3/23/14 5:55 P

Thanks for the help.

3/23/14 5:32 P

I think you may find our Heart Health Center helpful.
You can join and then all your meal plans, grocery list, will meet guidelines.
Check with your doctor to see if the plan meets your needs.

Here is the link:

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3/23/14 5:32 P

Well, I'm not a dietician or nutritionist...but the only thing that springs to mind is the Dash Diet:

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3/23/14 4:20 P

I need to be on a low fat, cholestrol, and sodium diet. IS there a plan that has all three?

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