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ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,468
2/1/14 12:02 A

never drank it

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
1/31/14 11:21 P

Not hard to give up diet coke. I usually drink water and when the water taste nasty I usually get a lemonade.

EMPOWER-ME SparkPoints: (18)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
1/31/14 10:37 P

For those posts that do not drink sodas what do you usually drink at a restaurant? Other than water or is that your preferred drink? Just curious. I get kind of tired of water when I'm out or sometimes their water isn't good.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,219)
Fitness Minutes: (12,353)
Posts: 2,293
1/31/14 9:35 P

That sounds like a goal I will be able to do Thanks

BABYSOX Posts: 3,063
1/31/14 7:42 P

Last year, I reduced the amount of diet pepsi I was drinking and so far in 2014, I have had none and not even noticed. A few years ago, I would drink 2 a day.

BANKER-CHUCK Posts: 6,711
1/31/14 4:00 P

I drink Diet Pepsi, but have cut back to 1 per week. Used to drink 4 o 5/day.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
1/31/14 3:57 P

No. I don't like the sweetners used in diet drinks so easy for me to give up.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,458
1/31/14 2:55 P

Not hard at all, I don't like it.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,219)
Fitness Minutes: (12,353)
Posts: 2,293
1/31/14 2:24 P

Thanks for the encouragement I had cut down to the 1 now I am on day15 Yippee but I still am craving but I gave up smoking 5 years ago and now I want to lose weight and I know sodas are not good for me emoticon

MEMEJ4 Posts: 1,199
1/31/14 7:45 A

You can do it.
One soda a day is a great start next goal
one a every other day, to one a week, to one a month, to only on special occasions and finally to never.

Think about it you, probably don't smoke or drink & drive because you know it is dangerous.
Think of all the things you don't do because you know how bad they are for you and artificial food is one of them.
I never thought I could give up meat but I have, 10+ years now .

You can do it, You are on Sparks because you know you are worth it. Living a healthy lifestyle is why you are here and we are posting our experiences so yo can move to your next level.

emoticon emoticon

DPDAVIS Posts: 3,548
1/31/14 2:29 A


VIVIAN1951 SparkPoints: (6,257)
Fitness Minutes: (3,452)
Posts: 126
1/30/14 11:31 P

My doctor told me that no one should be drinking any dark colas, including root beer, and anything with aspartame in it. He told me that recent studies have shown that it has an effect on the kidneys that makes them age more rapidly than normal. I don't drink colas or root beer but my husband, who has type 2 diabetes can't seem to kick his habit of several diet cokes a day. He tries for a few days and then goes right back to drinking diet coke. It seems like he is addicted to it. Makes me wonder about all the diabetics who have been drinking diet drinks containing aspartame and what is going on in their bodies.

BUD_44 SparkPoints: (40,111)
Fitness Minutes: (46,103)
Posts: 2,040
1/30/14 10:33 P

I never drink soda. They are one of the worst drinks for you.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,219)
Fitness Minutes: (12,353)
Posts: 2,293
1/30/14 10:16 P

You are way stronger then I am

MEMEJ4 Posts: 1,199
1/30/14 9:40 P

Not hard at all, after I learned:
There are more chemicals in diet sodas then in the regular.
Soda makes your teeth rot.
The carbonation makes your stomach expand resulting in your stomach stretching and being able to eat more food.

Once I learn the harmful effects of things I usually can put it away with little effort.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,219)
Fitness Minutes: (12,353)
Posts: 2,293
1/30/14 9:28 P

Thats what I tried to tell everybody I had cut way down to 1 a day which was way better then before now I have not had 1 for 14 days

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
1/30/14 7:11 P

I never gave it up, and do not intend to, however it's now an occasional treat instead of the massive quantities that I used to drink.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
1/30/14 6:58 P


LADYDG Posts: 289
1/30/14 6:37 P

I disagree about the coke and the data on it not being antiquate. And many many people have drank it for years and have not done well on it nor their diets. There are those small percentages who do well on it and I cant say I would stick to it any ways, however; it is their call. I, myself am so very glad that I gave it up. There are many drawbacks to soda of any kind. I just feel good about knowing that I am doing the best I can not to drink soda and especially COKE... it's been known to decay a tooth in a few days just by letting the tooth sit in it.. And people are using it to take the rust off of batteries, and clean toilet bowls with little to no effort .. Nah no thanks on the Coke you couldn't pay me to drink it.. WTG for those who have given it up or cut down on it. emoticon

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LADYDG Posts: 289
1/30/14 6:31 P

I never touch the stuff, nor do I drink any kind of soda. The last time I did was ginger ale and out of necessity.. you see ginger is known to stop dizzyness.. About one year and 1/2 ago.. nothing since and I do not miss it at all. All those junk preservatives and artificial flavors.. and there is so much data on the draw backs of Coke of any kind.. Not for me .. I noticed that I do not even want any , its never a problem as it use to be... :D emoticon

MLEHTO Posts: 734
1/30/14 6:02 P

I drink one a day, maybe. The carbonation doesn't always agree with me. I usually drink tea or crystal light or water.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/30/14 5:59 P

I gave it up last September........don't miss it but a cold one now and then in the summer sure tasted good. hopefully when summer comes I won't want any.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,219)
Fitness Minutes: (12,353)
Posts: 2,293
1/30/14 1:14 P

You are lucky you are not addicted I had cut down to 1 a day and I miss it emoticon

LADYBIRD82 Posts: 1,700
1/30/14 9:53 A

Normally don't drink diet sods but my husband got a free case of diet vanilla coke. He doesn't like it so I've been drinking it every once in a while. When its hone I'll stop drinking soda again.

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
Fitness Minutes: (40)
Posts: 1,068
1/30/14 4:53 A

I love my diet coke and have a couple of cans most days. I have no intention of quitting it. I'm not saying it is particularly "good" for you but most of the negative media hype is false, especailly the stuff about it actually causing weight gain.

For people who actually track food portions and calories, there is no way that diet soda with zero calories causes weight gain. The "stuides" they do that show the heaviest people often are diet soda drinkers don't really reveal all their findings...these heavy people don't follow weightloss plans or track intake..they just hope habits alone like switching to diet soda will help. And it doesn't, and may even backfire for those who look for excuses to eat more...telling themselves they can have this or that because they were "good" by choosing diet soda instead of regular.

But you know what? If I found out I was totally wrong, or had some serious reaction to the soda that convinced me it REALLY is that bad for me...I could quit drinking it and it would not be that hard to do. I do go some days without it. I live out in the country and rarely would make a trip into town just to get diet soda, for example. I can drink water when that is all there is!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (564,684)
Fitness Minutes: (345,527)
Posts: 15,912
1/29/14 11:50 P

I drink one once in a while.

TEAROSE22 SparkPoints: (30,671)
Fitness Minutes: (10,050)
Posts: 633
1/29/14 11:46 P

Coke free, 20 oz max per week. Only soda intake.

ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,468
1/29/14 10:58 P

hate it

HARPIE Posts: 279
1/29/14 9:53 P

Horrible -tasting stuff...

DOLLIE6 Posts: 2,845
1/29/14 9:39 P

I did not have a problem getting off. I just drink water, teas and a couple of cups of coffee.
I feel so much better and I do not hold fluid like I did.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,219)
Fitness Minutes: (12,353)
Posts: 2,293
1/29/14 9:27 P

I drank diet coke for 20 plus years and have been off of it for 13 days so it is tough

SUZZQ4LIFE Posts: 1,232
1/29/14 8:24 P

I don't drink any soda of any kind. It wrecks havoc on my healthy eating. I've seen the weight go on when I use to have some diet soda. None for me unless it's a mixed drink for a special occasion.

MMK113 SparkPoints: (17,917)
Fitness Minutes: (698)
Posts: 464
1/29/14 7:52 P

I have cut back on Diet Coke but I don't think I will ever give it up for good.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
Fitness Minutes: (36,342)
Posts: 2,545
1/29/14 7:38 P

I'm a believer of moderation in all things. If you like diet sodas, have an occasional diet soda. Same thing with cheese, cookies, chocolate etc. We are supposed enjoy this journey, not give up everything that makes life good.

Except potato chips. Potato chips are evil. The whole bag migrates to my mouth and forces me to eat them .....not allowed ever! emoticon

1/29/14 6:22 P

I drink diet soda but not more than 12 ounces a day, usually not even that. Who knows what artificial sweeteners can do to you. Saccharin is no longer believed to cause cancer but sweeteners need to be processed by the liver. Mostly I drink water.

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (545,152)
Fitness Minutes: (219,911)
Posts: 29,901
1/29/14 6:14 P

A lot easier than I thought it would be.

EABHA70 SparkPoints: (62,065)
Fitness Minutes: (40,967)
Posts: 1,121
1/29/14 4:59 P

I am still working on giving up diet pop. When I started drinking it, I lost 40 pounds very quickly because I was no longer drinking so much sugar. And that's great. Except now I have another bad habit to defeat. I haven't had any in the past seven or eight days, so that's good. But I WANT it all the time.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,363
1/29/14 4:54 P

I used to drink tons of diet soda thinking it would help me lose weight and give me the water I needed. Gave it up when I started Spark 5 years ago and started drinking tea instead. Now I hate sweet sodas of any kind. Way too sweet for me.....but if I'm in the mood for fizz, I prefer something like Seltzer with an ounce of juice ( preferably fresh squeezed OJ, or fresh squeezed lime).

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BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
1/29/14 4:38 P

No not really. Every now and think I will have one when I am absolutely parched in the summer. So I will confess to having 4 in the 2014. I find it gives me night sweats so I gave it up when I went into menopause a couple of years ago.

JEFFGIRL Posts: 11,239
1/29/14 12:53 P

I love diet soda. No matter how much I know it's bad for me, I give it up and take it back.

GUDDIGO Posts: 1,081
1/29/14 12:10 P

I drink Coke Zero...but only when I am at the theme park. I have a season pass and I go there once or twice a month and have a season bottle for drinks...Other days I do not drink anything else except water and milk

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/29/14 12:10 P

went cold turkey. it took about 2 weeks. Now if I drink it, it tastes horrid.

PINKLADY251 SparkPoints: (64,219)
Fitness Minutes: (12,353)
Posts: 2,293
1/29/14 11:58 A

How hard was it for you to give up diet coke?

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