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11/26/11 7:16 A


ROJAKHAN Posts: 21,948
11/25/11 11:31 A

emoticon ,he is almost 3 so i helped him(i did almost emoticon )

HANDYV Posts: 24,160
11/24/11 12:48 A

My kids are 21 and 25 so NO.

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9/21/11 9:53 P


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9/21/11 9:41 P


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11/12/10 10:25 P

emoticon no

DBAILEY0438 Posts: 637
11/12/10 10:24 P

the things we have to do to get our kids to clean thier room

DBAILEY0438 Posts: 637
11/12/10 10:23 P


JOJOSZENT Posts: 6,855
11/11/10 2:00 P

I don't know, my kids are grown and out of the house now

Jonnel Szentgyorgyi

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11/11/10 1:48 P

Yes they did

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11/10/10 10:33 A

Yes and no. Yes for my oldest, no for my youngest. I actually had told her to get it done, but her idea of progress is to shut her door, and get more stuff out. So, today I removed her door from the hinges, and took all the halloween candy left on her floor and threw it away. Also a Scrabble game that was incomplete but NOT being used as a game went in the trash. I plan on spending 15 minutes every day in her room after she leaves for school. Anything I think needs to be thrown away will be. Her choice: clean in or lose it.

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11/9/10 12:08 A


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