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5/4/13 6:13 A


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5/4/13 6:08 A

Fairly new members won't have had the option to use either, but us older members did, for about a year. I went on to the new one when it came out, and altho' it was quite different, and slightly confusing to start with, I now actually really like it. I find it easier to use - less time consuming. I just went through and saved various exercises I do to favourites, and now that I have quite a few there, I just enter the first letter of the exercise and only those ones starting with that letter pop up.

I think it was about a month ago that the old one was stopped. It was rather difficult to maintain the both.


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5/4/13 3:07 A

I haven't seen a change unless I missed something?

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5/4/13 3:05 A

I think it's been replaced by the old one which is not as easy to use. It confused the heck out of me. I don't like it.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,855
5/4/13 12:47 A

I know it was there recently but now I don't see it and I liked it much better did they get rid of it all together and when?

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