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LYDIA217 Posts: 149
3/10/13 8:14 P

We are having a destination wedding and only having parents, grandparents, and siblings in attendance. We are then having a big reception for the rest of the family a couple weeks later! :)

NIKEGRL688 SparkPoints: (17,024)
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1/22/13 11:39 A

Ya know, I looked into getting married on a cruise ship!! Think about it... Get married in the church to help you with the family delimma and then get on a cruise ship ( SUPER INEXPENSIVE) and then get married again in another country on the beach by the captain!! If I had that oppertunity, I would. Its worth looking into. I always thought cruising was out of my price range and its the cheapest, fun-est best vacation I have been on. That is out honeymoon if can ever get this widding planned.

SAMMYJ1013 SparkPoints: (2,955)
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1/22/13 11:32 A

It's my fiance's dream to get married on the beach. Unfortunately, our family is so large that it just didn't seem possible. Obviously we know the wedding is for us, but there would be way too many hurt feelings for us to deal with. So we're planning an in-town church wedding and our goal is to renew our vows at either 5 or 10 years somewhere very tropical with just close family and a few friends. I totally admire you for going for Mexico! That sounds so amazing!

NIKEGRL688 SparkPoints: (17,024)
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1/21/13 10:26 A

No at home reception here but I love the idea of getting married in Mexico!!! I have been there and depending on where you go, its beautiful!!
I live in FL away from all friends and most family so it will be a destination wedding for them, not me!! I know a lot of people will not come but the ones who matter will make it.


JSLICE812 SparkPoints: (14,098)
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1/19/13 7:29 P

My fiance and I are planning our destination wedding in Mexico in April 2014. We're understanding that many of our friends and family won't be able to make it, and that's more than okay with us. We've always planned on keeping it small, but many of our closest loved ones are insisting that we have some kind of party at home so that they can celebrate with us. Anybody having an at-home reception?

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