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10/4/12 12:21 P


Don't worry !! Just enjoy your birthday party !! As Coach Nancy has already mentioned, Spark People isn't about deprivation. It's all about moderation and portion control. I can't imagine living a life where I wasn't allowed to eat something because I was worried I'd gain weight. that's not healthy. a glass or two of wine, some cheese, a brownie, a cupcake, slice of cake, etc.... CAN all be a part of a healthy lifestyle !! Just be mindful of the portion. Indulge, but try not to over indulge too much.

AND if you do happen to over indulge, that doesn't mean your a bad person or an unhealthy one. What to do ? Just be mindful of what you eat for the rest of the week. ONE DAY of over indulging will not ruin your healthy lifestyle !!


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10/4/12 9:53 A

Have fun at your race and your birthday! As long as you track your calories in/out and maintain your weekly calorie deficit there's no reason you can't enjoy a moderate serving of desert with you're friends. Especially with all the calories you'll be burning running 5 k.

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10/3/12 6:37 P

I am only doing a tasting of wine so a few sips of each a glass total but I will also sample a few desserts. this is my 5 5k this season I try not to drink before them

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Hi BNC262,

SparkPeople's program is not about deprivation, but moderation. I can't imagine not celebrating my birthday. With careful planning you can have your cake and eat it too. This may mean cutting back 100 calories a day for the next week (I would not cut more than that) and enjoy. Of course you don't want to eat too much the night/day before your race as this could leave you sluggish.

The one thing I would caution you is the wine. Racing a 5K and drinking wine may not be a good idea. Alcohol is metabolized very differently than carbs, proteins and fats and unless you have had wine before a race, remember the old race saying..."nothing new before your race" But alcohol is also a diuretic so you could be left dehydrated before you even run your first race.


Coach Nancy

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10/3/12 5:05 P

So I have lost 40 lbs gained back 7-9 and am back on track but the biggest issue I am having is its my birthday next week and my friends have planned a huge dessert and wine party I dont know what to do I dont want to eat a bunch but no matter what desserts are high in calories. THe day after I am running a 5k so I need some suggestions any really

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