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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
6/18/09 10:38 P

My favourite mug is huge like a soup bowl with a handle on it. It is in blue and white like emboirdery from holland. I love my mug in the mornings while sitting in front of my computer, efter my exercise it is so darn cosey to sit down a while with my mug of coffee and think over stategies to get stuff done before getting on the move again..
I love my quiet times and it would be a disaster if I broke my mug..

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CBEVNOW Posts: 6,379
6/18/09 9:35 P

I have 2 beautiful china tall mugs.They are thin and fine.They blue with silver trim with a design on them. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KLAD_COCKERS SparkPoints: (106,736)
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Posts: 6,514
6/18/09 9:24 P

I have a thermal coffee cup from Starbucks that I was able to insert a customized photo into. I have pictures of two of my three dogs in it, and I never fail to smile when my eyes land on my mug. I keep it on my desk at work as a little pick-me-up.

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TRIKEMAMA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,293
6/18/09 9:08 P

A Tweety mug with silvester chasing.

MJLUVSANIMALS SparkPoints: (53,880)
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Posts: 2,252
6/18/09 8:18 P

My favorite, is a thin rimmed mug, only kind I like drinking out of. It has a checkerboard pattern in tones of beige, and coffee beans floating all over, and a little blue and beige coffee cup and saucer, with little trickles of steam coming from the coffee, and there is one on both sides. Wow I didn't realize how complicated this description was! lol and I have another I prefer for my tea, and its a Marie Calendars glass mug. And anything with Garfield on it! emoticon

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KATEMARIE78 Posts: 35
11/1/08 3:01 P

every year I buy 1 new mug. It's not special by any means, but I use it constantly for the year, rarely using any other mug. Later, when you see that mug again, you remember that year when you used that mug and all of the cool things that happened to you/you did.

HAZELCAT1 Posts: 1,717
11/1/08 2:52 P

Mine is just a big ol' heavy ceramic mug that fits into the palm of my hands just right. It's got an old timey blue and white speckled pattern.

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FAT2LONG Posts: 3,675
11/1/08 2:11 P

I have 2 favorites.

One is a Starbucks city mug from Boston - it's the perfect size for weekend tea, and it reminds me of my friend in Boston and the great time I had vacationing there.

The other is a hand-made mug with a beautiful, comfortable shape and a warm brown glaze. It's perfect for warming my hands on a cold day, and reminds me of the friend who gave it to me.

YOYOLADY4 Posts: 2,816
11/1/08 1:24 A

it's one of those huge oversize bowl mugs.. with doggies on the sides.. :)

but I would drink out of the piss bowl if it meant getting my HOT COFFEE EVERY MORNING LOL

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KATHYK24 SparkPoints: (53,054)
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Posts: 2,216
11/1/08 12:57 A

My favorite is big, deep, and comfy in my hand!

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ABRANNEWME2014 Posts: 51,125
11/1/08 12:45 A

My favorite coffee mug is the one I got from Oprah when I was a guest on her show

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30LBSLIGHTER Posts: 356
10/31/08 11:14 P

Oh I found it a few months ago at a thirst store, it has a kid laying in the bed and says,"Dear God, I just can't sleep... Want to talk?" and on the other side is the talk that he has with God. It reminds me of my grandmother she drank coffee religously, I am a tea drinker. It's not a small mug it's the kind of deep dish bowl that you can put soup in(I use it for that when I'll feeling down).

2BFITN09 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/31/08 11:04 P


GETSHORTY Posts: 1,370
10/31/08 10:08 P

It's a mug I got on my 4th grade spring break to Mystic CT, about 20 years ago--a cross between stoneware and ceramic material, and a greyish color. In navy blue, there's a drawing of the USS Constitution, along with the story of how it got the name "Old Ironsides." It's only for my morning coffee though.

BONNIE_I_AM SparkPoints: (26,434)
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Posts: 11,663
10/31/08 9:42 P

New favorite mug my daughter got for me today - a huge mug, blue the says "Home Is Where the Cat Is" on one side and "Cat Hair: Don't Leave Home Without It" on the other.

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KATRNINID Posts: 3,303
10/28/08 2:31 P

My favorite is a big blue mug with the Seattle Space needle on it that I got in the gift shop.


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10/28/08 1:36 P


MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,447
10/28/08 1:32 P

Mine has the "I Said A Prayer For You Today" Poem on it

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BONNIE_I_AM SparkPoints: (26,434)
Fitness Minutes: (29,767)
Posts: 11,663
10/28/08 1:26 P

I collect coffee mugs, so I have a bunch of them. One of my favorites is a hand crafted pottery mug with a face on it. Big nose, eyelashes and mustache on a tall blue mug.

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.
Harriet Beecher Stowe 1811-1896
CHANDLERL Posts: 233
10/28/08 1:15 P

My favorite coffee mug has a picture of Mickey Mouse and my name on it. My old boss brought it back to me from one of his family vacations in 1989. Some how I've managed not to break it and it's traveled with me to four different employers over the years.

DALI333 Posts: 311
10/28/08 1:02 P

mine is big with a thick ooey blue glaze , from the 70s :)

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