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12/6/12 9:48 P

I think the vitamin D testing is a great idea. People tend to have no idea that they are deficient and go around just feeling like crap all day. Vitamin D receptors are in every cell in your body. Replacement is usually a big pill once a week for at least 8 weeks, then down to a daily maintenance dose.

Sometimes the location of pain isn't quite where we would expect it to be, particularly if the pain has been there for a little while. The fact that an impingement test provokes pain still makes me think rotator cuff. One thing that a lot of people tend to forget is that the shoulder blade plays a huge part in shoulder pain. Here is something I googled really quick that explains it a little better.

You can also try working on rotator cuff strength. I was able to rehab my shoulder after i played tennis with bad biomechanics after about a week of strengthening exercises. The week before I tried strengthing, I sat around and let it try to heal on its own without any success. I used about 20-30 lbs of weight with about 2 sets before I got bored. Here is a link to some decent exercises:

Don't do the 4th one like him, go thumbs up with it instead to avoid further injury. Also, remember to think about moving your shoulder blade too.

As you age, you tend to naturally lose a healthy upright posture and start looking more like a neanderthal. This happens even without influences like computers and such if you look across cultures. Shoulder issues tend to happen naturally as a result.

12/6/12 8:17 P

Try this:

There are other shoulder exercises i would add to the routine, but i would wait a bit, to see if it's helping or hurting.

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12/6/12 7:36 P

GORDOMOOSE - the website that you suggested cannot be found, at least on my computer.
Would you mind checking it?

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12/6/12 6:27 P

Thank you so much folks, for your time and help. Sparkpeople are amazing!! emoticon

I have not had Vit D testing and yes, I suffer from depression. I am also a side sleeper. I will test out these theories and hope for the best.

I'll let you know how I make out.

12/6/12 4:06 P

A couple of long-shot possibilities..

Occasionally, sleeping on one's side can cause shoulder problems from compression. You can test that theory by sleeping on your back or left side for a few nights.

Vitamin D deficiency can occasionally cause shoulder tendon and muscle problems.. although it's usually the proximal (top) end, not the distal end. Have you had your vit. D tested? That often goes along with depression.

Anyway, you can certainly try some light strengthening exercises and see how you respond. A basic one to start with is the shoulder press:

I'd do 1-2 sets of 8 to 12 reps the first workout, then work up to 3 sets, done every 2-3 days. You can do it standing by the way.

Let us know how it goes..

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12/6/12 10:01 A

I really appreciate that you've taken the time to help me here.

It is not difficult to raise my arm above my shoulders.
I tried the test on the youtube website. I had +++ pain but not at the top of the shoulder as it shows in the clip. The pain in still mid upper arm.

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12/5/12 6:22 P

Oh, I misinterpreted what you meant by the end of the deltoid. Without being able to see you, sounds like rotator cuff tendinopathy. Those 2 movement you describe there somewhat resemble impingement tests for the supraspinatus muscle. Is it pretty hard to lift your arm above your shoulders without pain?

Try this.

If that is positive, you have a really common injury that any physical therapist would be glad to help you with.

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12/5/12 6:11 P

No pain in the upper chest wall.
Not a throwing athlete.
Not affected by neck position.
I can produce the pain when my arm is out laterally, parallel to the floor, hand flexed and thumb rotated up, then rotate the wrist behind. Pain much worse on my most sore, right arm.
Or arm out laterally, parallel to the floor, then bend 90% at elbow, hand up to ceiling, and lower fist toward the floor. Pain increases the closer the hand gets to the floor. Equal pain on both arms by this movement.

Pain is almost exactly mid way between top of shoulder and elbow crease.

And now that I've been moving my arms around with these above movements, both arms are very warm at pain sites.

DALCANT757 Posts: 152
12/5/12 5:43 P

That really is a weird place to have pain. If it is at the insertion of the deltoid, there are a few muscles that insert or originate close to that spot. Does it also hurt in the upper chest at all? Were you ever a throwing athlete? The coracobrachialis inserts somewhere around there and would get stretched when you externally rotate your arm. The pectorals insert higher up in the arm, but that could also hurt with such a movement. Another possibility is the subscapularis, but that is pretty high up too.

Is your discomfort affected by your neck position? That may be C5, maybe C4 dermatome area. However, it would be strange to have it occur on both sides.

That area should also be served by the axillary nerves. But again, weird for it to be happening on both sides. Do you have any deltoid weakness or weakness externally rotating your arm when flexed?

Pain relief with pushing makes me think that this is more of a tendinopathy issue related to muscles since you are probably doing a form of counter-strain, like when you wear a band for tennis elbow.

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12/5/12 11:17 A

Thanks for your response!

No repetitive work, no shingles. I do take meds for epilepsy, that's it.

The pain is so bad with certain movements, both arms, it takes my breath away. I have to limit my movements with certain positions. The worst positions for instance, are if I reach back to put my arm on the back of the car seat or when I'm removing a shirt. Sounds strange, I know.

It's a very intense that pain I've never experienced before. If I push hard on the painful spot, it eases (both arms). I have no pain at all if not putting my arm in those positions.

Very frustrating that the doctor has no answers as it really limits some of my activities. It may be just one of those things that I have to get used to as I age.

12/4/12 2:45 P

Any ideas what could be happening..?

That's an odd place to get pain. Do you do any repetitious work involving your arms, either for work or elsewhere?

Shingles (herpes zoster) can cause severe pain in a small area. The virus that causes it (chickenpox) is actually pretty common, especially among your age group. Check around your torso and arm for a rash, which usually, but not always, goes along with it. More here -

Do you take any medications?

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12/2/12 1:09 P

We are in a very small town with a shortage of doctors and no physio. My doctor is so busy that without a "real" problem, he has little time to spend on sore arms. His advice was "I'm not sure what's going on there, maybe try some exercises". So, I'm here looking for advice.

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12/2/12 1:03 P

Have you seen your doctor about it? You'd want to get a doctor's diagnosis first (in case there is an injury that needs attention), and then ask them what exercises are safe and what you should avoid. Depending on what the problem is, they might be able to refer you to see a physical therapist who can design a set of exercises specific to your needs.

Coach Jen

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12/2/12 10:24 A

I'm 56 and until this year, attended the gym regularly doing cardio and full body strengthening with much success. Life got busy and a little complicated and fitness went out the window. I'm far weaker and flabbier with depression added to that.
I have recently developed severe pain at the base of the lateral deltoid (mid upper arm), much worse on my right side. I'm right handed.
Any ideas what could be happening and suggestions on exercises that could strengthen that muscle slowly?

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