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7/7/13 3:38 P

That is scary stuff! I have similar reactions--only with me it happens when my sugar drops too low too fast. Please keep that in mind if you feel as though you should have been hydrated enough and try drinking something with sugar--at least a glass of milk.

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7/7/13 6:00 A

emoticon Just keep drinking water. If it is really bad, go to the ER and get an IV. You can have low potassium if you have allowed yourself to become to dehydrated and that can lead to a heart attack from electrolyte imbalance. Very serious. Also, I hope you weren't alone in the bathroom, since you could have passed out and drowned. Has happened to people. Glad you are better.

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7/6/13 10:02 P

last night I became very dehydrated. because of this I was very sick. the only thing I could do when I started to sweat a lot, was to put myself in a cold bath and sit there for over an hour. I could barely feel the cold. I then emptied the tub and put cool water in there. once I started to feel the water more and more I decided it was time to get out. it had been about an hour and a half since I first got in the tub. I still was feeling dizzy, but I made it to laying down on the couch where I fell asleep for the night. when I woke up this morning I was still dizzy and took things very slow. I took 2 naps and felt a bit better after the second nap. feeling real dizzy made me also feel very tired. at the moment i am taking it easy and doing very little. I hope that i can remember to always drink plenty of water on a hot day. ice cubes are my favorite. I hope no one else has to go through what i did, so please take good care of yourselves in this heat.

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