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MYAKAYAH Posts: 10,256
7/28/13 3:41 A

Yes dancing does whittle you into shape pretty good. I do 30 minutes 4 times a week right now and I can feel the difference. I want to increase it but as I get stamina I'll move it up some. I do a lot of walking & yoga so it's all coming together~

HAWTGRANNY2014 SparkPoints: (39,674)
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7/28/13 12:11 A

Thanks. I am really getting into the old rock songs.

ALL_HEART_78 SparkPoints: (3,311)
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7/27/13 11:56 P

Dancing is so much fun. And a great outlet for stress. Keep it up.

HAWTGRANNY2014 SparkPoints: (39,674)
Fitness Minutes: (32,032)
Posts: 15,115
7/27/13 9:33 P

I have been dancing to fast oldies and doing the twist and what I call the booty hip shake LOL.
anyway I have lost 10 inches. I just keep on dancing for between 20 min and an hour at a time. I get the videos from youtube. It is fun and it is working. my favorite.

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