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7/9/13 8:30 P

Since you want to include the cheese and yogurt in your diet, I would suggest that you use the enzyme lactase pills when you eat these foods. When taken with the dairy--the enzyme will digest the lactose. They are available at any pharmacy.
Aged cheese and fermented yogurt is usually easier to tolerate for those with lactose intolerance---for the processing removes much of the lactose. You may find that you can easily tolerate smaller amounts with a meal...but by itself as a snack---you may have more problem, etc. Test and see.

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7/9/13 8:25 P

You sound just like me! I recently had to give up dairy, and by god I miss my cheeses.. Not that much advice to give, but lots and lots of sympathy to offer. So far I have curbed my cravings by eating anything in sight, and upping the red wine and chocolates. emoticon

I have read there is something called "soy-cheese" and nutritional yeast, but I haven't gotten around to try them yet. They supposedly taste cheesy.

On second thought, I have one healthy tip! Chia seeds soaked in soy-milk is my newest replacement for cottage cheese, but I am still learning to like it. Still, nutritionally they are pretty decent. The seeds contain a fair deal of protein and calcium and are very filling when soaked.

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For me the problem was with milk, not cheese or yoghurt. I still eat the latter regularly (a good quality one that has whole-grains in it too) and cheese occasionally, but that one is only because of the calories. I also use Cottage Cheese a fair bit, just not a lot of it at a time, As far as milk substitute is concerned, I use Soy Milk - others may use Rice Milk or Almond Milk. Just make sure that any alternative is a good source of protein and calcium.

Initially I couldn't have it for a few months without it affecting me, but now I can consume small amounts of cow's milk, but not regularly. As far as replacing the cheese, can you eat small amounts of a tasty cheese, and perhaps put something with it? (bit of pineapple, chutney/relish/pickle) or pear?


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7/9/13 7:32 P

who can help me ? im just new lactose free girl need help curbing my cheese craveing not to mention alot of the meals or things to eat are yougurt and cottage cheese what kinds of other things can i eat that curb my chese craveing and are healthy ?

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