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SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
2/23/13 10:06 P

hard boiled eggs
small whole wheat pita pockets stuffed with whatever he likes
graham crackers w / peanut butter
cheerios - the flavored ones are great in a little bag or container
low sugar granola bars
homemade chicken nuggets w sweet potato fries
homemade muffins made w fruit juice

2/19/13 8:52 P

Thank You. I will have to try these.

PINK_NEVAEH22 Posts: 2,276
2/7/13 7:38 A

I have to be dairy free because of my daughter that I am currently breastfeeding. She also has a sensitivity to cows milk protein, my 5 year old son has recently become lactose intolerant as well. So I am having a bit of my own trouble, but this is what I have done so far.

I buy the SoDelicious brand Almond milk + Protein, it has 5g of protein, where as the others only have 1g. I also love their brand mini ice cream fudge bars made with coconut milk and they have the flavor of a mounds candy bar.
I have yet to find a substitute for cheese at any of my local grocers, which stinks. It seems it may be a little more difficult to feed a 1 year old a lot of the foods that I give my 5 year old though. However, these are things I do to give my son extra protein and fat, because he is also very skinny.

Avocado's - high in good fats and my son loves them
Peanut butter - high in good fats and 8g protein per serving
Nuts and seeds - high in good fats and 6 - 8g protein
Almond milk + protein - low in fat but 5g protein

There are more but I know you wouldn't be able to feed them to a 1 year old. As far as the above items go, I believe they can have them when they are one but you will have to make smoothies with the items like peanut butter and he probably can't have nuts.

I make smoothies or "shakes" with my son all the time and he loves them. You can freeze over ripe banana's peeled and use those as a sweetner, as well as honey and cinnamon to your smoothies or shakes. My son will even let me put kale and spinach ect. in his shakes because they are so yummy and you can't taste it. This is how you can easily sneak in added fats, proteins, fruits and veggies.

Name your shakes and smoothies to make it fun for them and put them in their favorite t.v. show characters cup. If our smoothies or shakes are green from adding Kale, or Spinach, we name it " The Incredible Hulk," "Ninja Turtle Smoothie," or "Green Lantern Hero Shake." Then I pour it into the cup of his choice. He will even put the ingredients in himself so he see's exactly what is in there but he doesn't mind at all. Also freeze some of the almond milk in an ice cube tray instead of using regular water ice to give it more protein. You can do anything with smoothies and shakes and put whatever you want in them. The best tasting to kids usually consist of a chocolate drink mix, ( I use unsweetened cocao powder ) half frozen banana, peanut butter, almond milk, almond milk ice cubes, honey, and cinnamon. I add Kale or spinach to my son's and it taste like a chocolate shake! The almond milk with protein in it plus the extra cubes and peanut butter will give your son some fat and protein. My son loves avocado but if yours doesn't you could always put it in his "chocolate shake." As long as you don't tell him, he won't know!

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BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
2/2/13 10:49 A

I prefer plain (original) almond breeze (can't drink milk either) for me. I wish they had had it when I was growing up with goats milk.

So Almond breeze has come out with an 11 ounce individual shelf millk. Between a school lunch size and a pint.

2/2/13 9:22 A

Make your own almond or coconut milk. I have not met a child yet who does not love the taste. These are much better for you and them. As far as portable, you can use a small thermos container. Pediasure and the like are full of processed sugars and fats. Check out In her search bar type in Pediasure.

She also has tons of ideas for truly healthy snacks. She has two little boys of her own.

2/1/13 11:14 P

My son James is 1 yr old and can't have milk protein at all. In the diaper bag I keep a couple of Pediasure (or cheap knock off) for my 3 year old, but I can't find a portable non-dairy non refrigerated milk substitute. My boys are picky eaters and tend to be too skinny. I really can't afford to give them any empty calories. I would like to find something with high protein and high fat. I also need to expand my snack ideas, they are currently limited to crackers, cherrios, and freeze dried apples. James doesn't have all his teeth yet and refuses anything that is slick, slimy, sticky, or otherwise not cracker-like. Help please.

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