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3/3/14 9:27 A

The thing about biking is that the machine does most of the work. That doesn't mean that you aren't doing any, but sweating isn't really a sign of how hard you're working. You're more adapted to walking, most likely, btu that doesn't necessarily mean biking burns more calories. If it does right now, that will quickly level off as you adapt.

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3/3/14 3:42 A

I'm still trying to figure out the bit after "....laws of physics," - LOL!

I should be able to claim a work-out just from reading it - my heart started racing emoticon


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3/3/14 3:37 A

I have an exercycle and a treadmill. According to the machines, I burn more calories in the same amount of time on the bike than on the treadmill. But I also get more mileage on the exercycle than on the treadmill. You use more muscles on a real bicycle because you have to balance it in order to ride it. I can't remember the laws of physics, but Force=mass x acceleration? and Work = Force x distance? So calories burned = mass x acceleration x distance? It does not take into account your heart rate or amount of sweat you lose. Go figure.

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3/1/14 9:56 P

I'm off for a bike ride this afternoon to get some blood pumping. Haven't been on my bike for a few weeks now!!! Its a old heavy thing so probably burns more than a modern day road bike, but I'm not too into the whole calorie counting thing. Seems to easy to get hung up on semantics.

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5/6/13 7:46 A

I started cycling last year - but for the leisure time exercise, as the only highway between here and work is a high-speed one; and I'm not convinced I want to attempt to traverse that (at least not yet). Besides that, I can often opt to work from home, so the cycling is for the exercise (and time with hubby) mainly.

I found that for the same amount of time, I had to keep travelling further, as my abilities and stamina improved. Now, that was last summer/fall - and the weather here is JUST beginning to improve enough to consider taking it out again.

I really didn't notice the calorie range burned as compared to walking the dog, or whatever, because I don't make a point of trying to consume extra calories based on that, so I can't help you there. The HRM sounds like a great choice for monitoring your improving stamina, though.

Best wishes on your healthy journey.

Hope you've addressed the ankle pain with a medical professional, though.

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5/6/13 6:36 A

I wouldn't be inclined to ignore ankle pain!! If it lasts more than a couple days, or is particularly painful, check it out with your Dr! Also, check that you are using the appropriate footwear with good support.

Using the Heart Rate Monitor sounds like a very good idea.

I had a neighbour who was very overweight. He started cycling nearly 11 miles to work every day, and that included 3 steep hills going both ways. I no time at all he was very fit and had lost heaps of weight. He also reaped the benefits of no transport costs :-) 5 days a week and the fuel soon mounts up!


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5/6/13 4:37 A

Having just got on my bike again and being very unfit (again), I wondered what's burning more calories for ME - cycling 2.75 miles (in about 20 mins) or walking 2 miles (40 mins). Spark gave me far fewer calories for cycling even though at the end of the ride I was breathing heavily and sweating whereas I feel no signs of exertion with the walking I could walk/hike for miles and miles before developing my achilles problem (which is being treated and expected to improve in the next 3 months).

I'm just thinking that for at least some activities it depends on more than just your weight, for how many calories are burned. An unfit (or perhaps more specifically an unfamiliar/ unconditioned for the task) person will surely burn more calories for the same task as a fit person of the same weight? Presumably when my muscles used in cycling become more conditioned, then the calories burned will drop dramatically compared to the struggle of my first few rides?

I do have a HRM that came with my garmin, one of these days I should get it out and use it instead of wondering.

Hoping to get my cycling to a stage where I can comfortably ride 5 miles in about 30 mins, so that I can commute to work by bike (10-12 mile round trip). It seems an ideal way to save a bit of money, help weight loss and improve fitness during the summer.

edit: No idea how this ended up in the motivation forum. emoticon

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