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DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
10/13/09 8:24 P

I got into cycling toward the end of the summer. I bought a mountain bike and after a month of riding it, I went shopping for a road bike. I was disappointed when I found that the price point for a decent road bike was around 800.

I tried the cheap ones and they don't fit very well since they are pretty much 1 size fits all and I'm 6'2".

I've been watching craigslist for a while now to find a good deal on a intermediate one and I'm going to test ride one later this week :)

10/13/09 2:07 P

I will stick with cycling as long as I don't do too many carpet spills

10/13/09 10:13 A

cycling is a great way to get in shape and lose weight. I used to run a lot, but am over 50 now, so I stay in shape without the pounding to my joints that running causes. My resting heart rate is around 50 without medication and my recovery rate is outstanding, so I know it works. It gets a little boring in the winter indoors, but a spinning class helps with that. I am getting cold weather biking gear to wear so I can still be outside as much as possible this year. I ride 12 miles each way to work and it only takes 10 more minutes to pedal it than it does to drive it.

Stick with the works!!

CROPTOP Posts: 29
10/13/09 7:28 A

Rollers are great but you are correct; you have to get used to them to avoid performing "carpet sprints". The best way to get started is to set them up in a doorway or by a wall so that you can hold on to the door frame or wall to get started. Once you get a little more comfortable, set up the rollers between two couches that are facing each other. This way, if you fall off the rollers, you land on one of the couches.

10/12/09 9:10 A

I have one. It is great. Boring but great. I made a table to put books or magazines to entertain my brain while I entertain my body.

I would like to try the rollers but heard they take some getting used to.

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10/9/09 9:34 P

I think this is a very smart way to lose the fat. Do something that is regular and that you really enjoy. Keep up the good work.

CROPTOP Posts: 29
10/9/09 9:19 A

Nothing negative to say here. Cycling is, indeed, a great way to drop some pounds and get in great shape (not to mention, you'll develop some killer quads and calves).

Another option for the winter is to get yourself an indoor trainer. These let you put your bike on them and they apply resistance to the rear wheel. Turns your existing bike into a stationary bike.

1WALKINGMAN Posts: 3,409
10/8/09 7:38 P

When the weather is bad you might look into spinning classesat your local Y or fitness center. I love biking!

INHALE2680 Posts: 318
10/8/09 4:53 P

Not only will the weight come off your stamina will go off the chart. My wife and I started in late July doing 4-5 miles a day. We are up to 12 miles a day three days a week and it's becoming addictive. Good luck and keep changing emoticon


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10/8/09 11:11 A

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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10/6/09 11:54 A

good for you! Cycling is a great way to drop the pounds... all the best to you!

10/6/09 11:53 A

I biked quite a bit this summer, most of it after I started with SP. I too feel that it is a great way to drop the weight.

10/6/09 11:18 A

i have started cycling and am losing weight. I figure if I ride 6 hours a week and increase the gears every two weeks the weight will eventually come off.

Don't answer if you have anything negative to say.


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