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PEGGYANNSCH SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 6,542
1/17/09 3:52 P

I drink water nothing else

1/15/09 1:46 P

the more of this stuff i drink....the more I want. Not sure that is good for us! emoticon

NANANANCY5 Posts: 749
1/15/09 1:25 P

I drink a lot of water but I do drink the Wal-Mart brand of Crystal light and I really like it.So Bottoms UP! emoticon emoticon

NANANANCY5 Posts: 749
1/15/09 1:24 P

I drink a lot of water but I do drink the Wal-Mart brand of Crystal light and I really like it.So Bottoms UP! emoticon emoticon

READY4FITNESS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,599)
Posts: 9
1/14/09 8:40 P

I try to drink mostly plain water. Crystal light is a nice treat.

HEALTHY__ME Posts: 1,820
1/14/09 5:26 P

water why ruin it with chemicals

AMY5556 SparkPoints: (10,208)
Fitness Minutes: (2,463)
Posts: 1,043
1/14/09 2:12 A

Well I save old juice bottles to put my water in. I was recently ill with a stomach flu and had to drink gatorade(not my choice of fluid for any their bottles are worth 4 glasses of water. If you put one packet of crystal light in one of these bottles..u have a taste of other than water and its diluted by 2 other cups of water...its better for you than one pack of crys. light and only 2 cups of water...professionals in the nutrition field its ok to have flavored fact in a spark people article they said professional say those who drink flavored water drink more water than those who drink plain water. If I use crys. light I try to use one with vitamins in it so that I get a boost in between meals...

KATORRIN Posts: 302
1/14/09 12:37 A

water is definitely the better choice. Crystal light is sweetened with artificial sweeteners and from what I have read in health articles, those sweeteners can be detrimental to weight loss.

SHININGSTAR1220 SparkPoints: (12,678)
Fitness Minutes: (7,874)
Posts: 1,131
1/13/09 10:50 P

I try to drink water, but enjoy iced tea and occassionally Crystal Light too.

AMY5556 SparkPoints: (10,208)
Fitness Minutes: (2,463)
Posts: 1,043
1/12/09 3:14 P

well i dont know if this helps..i use to be in weight watchers..they always use to say half your water should be plain water..the rest was ok to use crystal light etc.

1/12/09 1:30 P

i use all those packets.. crystal lights and the kool aid ones...I don't really understand peoples answers does anyone know. Are they bad for you or good for you?

AUTUMNLOULOU SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (610)
Posts: 122
1/12/09 11:09 A

Plain water is the way to go. Water with a splash of lemon juice is good too. I don't like pumping my system with all the chemicals found in Crystal Light.

DONNA1860 Posts: 11,011
1/12/09 10:52 A

I like plain water

1/10/09 2:50 P

i like crystak light but adding lemon juice or a splash of fruit juice is just as nice

DAWNER54 Posts: 232
1/9/09 11:54 P

I like plain water ...

1/9/09 9:41 P

I have several doctors and even though Crystal Light is not as good for you as plain water it is still the same as drinking water as far as getting your eight classes of water a day. I also like the flavored waters. I hate the taste of plain water. Though there is always Crystal Light in my house.

PAMJM61 Posts: 43
1/9/09 8:54 P

I just don't like the feeling of artificial sweeteners, they seem to give me a headache. Water is fine by me.

SPUNSILVER SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (104)
Posts: 29
1/9/09 8:20 P

I am a tea freak and I am having a lot of trouble drinking my water. I bought a huge cup and haven't filled it up yet. But I have decided to get some bottled water to have at my desk at both jobs and I hope that it works. I am drinking a bottle right now, so Yea! Go me! You all have my support.

ALWHITING SparkPoints: (6)
Fitness Minutes: (22,503)
Posts: 542
1/9/09 7:05 P

I like Crystal Lite packets in one 16.9 oz bottle of water. Lemonade and the berry flavors. I do not like the Crystal Lite flavored teas, they have strange colors too. I still need my Diet Sprite, but only one a day.

1/9/09 6:11 P

love my water and herbal teas. emoticon emoticon

DIVA321 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,315)
Posts: 686
1/9/09 4:49 P

I love crystal light

FANCY_PANTS Posts: 428
1/9/09 1:12 P

I put one crystal light into a 8 glass jug that I have. It gives off just a slight flavour and I am able to drink it faster than just plain water. I gave up colas and coffee....

POOKAS Posts: 2,371
1/9/09 11:10 A

I drink the flavor pkts like crystal lite. I like the raspberry ice ones. I don't like water that much and it helps. I have to drink water every morning with my thyroid meds

09BETH Posts: 549
1/9/09 4:30 A

Water is my favorite. I have given up sodas and tea.

1/9/09 12:55 A

you totally are doing just fine as long as the powder doesn't have caffeine or sugar and if you can get salt free too that's even better. Crystal light packs are the coolest, but I often find them too strong for the 2 cups they say you should mix a little stick with...just means more water!

TJENHMB Posts: 28
1/8/09 10:04 P

I am a big fan of just plain water. Recently I have found myself getting a little tired of it and have been mixing in a little bit of lemon juice. Makes it not so boring.

However much I like my water I also like to treat myself once or twice a day with one of the Kool-Aid packets. The Wal-Mart brand adds straight into one of my bottles of water quickly and only adds 60 calories to my day. Just a little extra treat. :-)

KLAYLAB SparkPoints: (117,793)
Fitness Minutes: (45,585)
Posts: 2,271
1/8/09 8:22 P

I drink water almost always.Sometimes I drink crystal lite mixed with V8 Splash.It is very good and refreshing.I also drink the V8 splash because it has fruit.I drink V8 veggie juice also.So I get my fruit, veggies and my drink.

SABRINA1020 Posts: 11
1/8/09 7:07 P

I am trying to give up sodas and tea with more plain water in my diet. These mix-ins really help change it up so it's not the same ol' flavorless drink all the time. I've never heard of Aqua Infusions but I'll have to look for it at Big Lots.

HOMIELUVRFRND SparkPoints: (16,875)
Fitness Minutes: (10,862)
Posts: 1,646
1/7/09 10:25 A

I try to get my water any way I can. It is a huge task for me as well. I have enjoyed crystal light and other "packet" style helpers.

When I sit for a meal, I make sure I have a glass of plain water though this is primarily to benefit my children and making sure they are getting some plain water into their system daily.

Out of the packets I have tried I must agree with CHARMEDONE, I love the unique flavors of Aqua Infusions the best and the price is always right at Big Lots.
emoticon Drink up!

COCOA999 Posts: 1,702
1/4/09 9:09 P

Water... We have an ionized water filter system and it makes the water taste like it comes from a fresh mountain stream, and cold, yet coming through a tap. Love it!

TRICIA1953 Posts: 118
1/4/09 3:26 P

Some great alternativies to "just water".

1/2/09 5:58 A

I am not a big water person. If I say "I am going to drink X amount of water a day" I just can't face it. But if I mix it up- I can do it.

I prefer a brand called Aqua Infusions that I picked up at Big Lots. Much less sticky sweet than Crystal Light, Wylers or the store brands and comes in flavors like Cranberry Restorer with hibiscus, Lemon Energizer with Ginger and Orange Awake with Ginseng. I put one packet in a 24-25 oz bottle of water and I can drink it right down.

CAROEDEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,366)
Posts: 223
1/1/09 10:56 P

i do both. but i really dilute the crystal light.

TDANKO2001 SparkPoints: (12,423)
Fitness Minutes: (3,405)
Posts: 12
1/1/09 10:51 A

I sometimes just want the bubbles, so I add 1/2 packet of crystal lite on the go to a glass of seltzer and it does the trick. Walmart brand has grape flavor--just like grape soda.

1/1/09 10:28 A

When I get tired of plain water I just add some lemon slices, or a few frozen berries to my water bottle, it is an all natural flavoring, not too strong and is better for you than the artificial flavors.

SPICENY Posts: 2,564
12/31/08 5:39 A

Water emoticon

UKMIRANDA Posts: 410
12/31/08 1:08 A

I don't think I could have quit drinking soda without Crystal Light.. I still drink it regularly but try to drink a lot of plain water too.

12/30/08 3:20 P

hmmm.. crystal light is better than soda or juice but water is better than crystal light... all those artificial sweeteners are not good for you. BUT it can be a step away from soda and towards water and a positive thing. Also, eating and drinking fake sweeteners leads you to crave more calories. I'm not sure why but I remember reading this. Good luck!

SERIELLEN1 Posts: 13
12/29/08 8:08 P

I use it a lot in the summer. I love the lemonade flavor!

PARRISBE Posts: 233
12/29/08 7:45 P

I drink water, something in the sweetner gives me an upset tummy.

CATSKB Posts: 2,660
12/27/08 10:14 A

I think the object is to help us get our water in. I do not put anything in my water because I made up my mind to drink it no matter what.

12/25/08 1:29 P

thanks so much.

MA_DIDDLES Posts: 22,299
12/24/08 8:50 P

I find that adding just one crystal lite to go pack to 1/2 gallon of water is the right ammount of added flavor to get my water in. MA

BARB827 SparkPoints: (78,429)
Fitness Minutes: (86,835)
Posts: 19,904
12/24/08 9:31 A


12/23/08 11:01 A

thanks for replying. that's funny you mention spilling stuff on the carpet. i already spilled grape on my beige carpet. it took forever to blot up, but the stain is actually gone. now i drink out of sports cups or cups with lids and straws. thanks again!

TYEASLEY Posts: 8,332
12/22/08 9:19 P

water. Happy Holidays everybody!

JILLZIPPY Posts: 242
12/22/08 11:12 A

I would say sure! I don't use it much only b/c of my kids running around and I don't want the stuff to spill on my carpet! :)

NCBLONDIE Posts: 829
12/22/08 11:01 A

It doesn't necessarily have to be plain water. I use the Crystal Light mixes occasionally. Just be careful if you're sensitive to aspartame. Your water can also come from teas or broths.

BARB827 SparkPoints: (78,429)
Fitness Minutes: (86,835)
Posts: 19,904
12/21/08 7:32 P


12/21/08 12:14 P

i hate drinking plain water so if i add a powdered substance like crystal lite. am i still getting the requirements for drinking water???

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