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4/24/14 4:37 P

Crystal Lite uses artificial sweeteners to provide flavor without calories, which appears to be safe in moderation, but could potentially cause problems if used excessively. So you would want to make sure you are drinking it in moderation.

Coach Denise

4/24/14 12:13 P

Aside from getting physical ill, I feel like it's all too sweet. But if it works for you and artificial sweeteners are not a trigger for you, then go for it. Personally I would rather have club soda, soda water etc. I find the taste to be clean and refreshing. Most soda fountains have a button on them (like some have a water button).

I do drink a lot of mint tea. It doesn't need any sweetener.

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I am trying to.cut out soda and I was wondering if this would be a good substitute?!

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