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KELLJONZ Posts: 45
1/23/12 9:58 A

I was going to post the same things. Even in the South, I found places to rent the equipment and teach lessons. I'm planning on trying it this winter, if we ever have a winter with enough snow to go do it.

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1/23/12 9:50 A

Thanks everyone!

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1/21/12 2:56 P

Cross country skiing is a phenomenal cardio workout. I suggest that you take some lessons from either a professional or from a good friend who would put up with you. You will find out that it is very demanding, so you need good cardio performance level to be able to displace even a few miles over the snow. Try to go a little fast and you will be maxing out your heart rate.

About purchasing the skis, boots, etc: As others have suggested, don't buy anything unless you are sure that you found the winter sport you are looking for.

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1/21/12 2:30 P

Cross-country skiing is pretty much the best cardio exercise you can do. It creates the largest oxygen deficit of any exercise and its low impact. That being said, it's definitely a sport with a high cost of entry so its worth trying out equipment (ie renting) before you buy it. That way you'll have an idea of what features to look for when checking out stuff to buy.

Snowshoeing is also a great winter sport. It kind of feels like walking in sand or jello because the stepping motion is so exaggerated. The equipment is also a lot cheaper since you can buy snowshoes that strap onto your hiking boots.

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1/21/12 1:45 P

Skis are pretty durable because they have to take a lot of abuse. So, if you're interested in learning to cross country ski, why not rent them first ? Any good ski resort will rent you skis and boots. it won't be cheap, but then buying skis isn't exactly cheap either. you're talking skis, boots, bindings, etc... don't buy anything until you're sure this is exactly what you want to do.

Rent some skis and take a couple of lessons. If you've never skied before, it doesn't hurt to take a couple of lessons. Where ever you plan on going to ski, check out their packages. See what they charge for lessons as well as rentals.

Ever consider snow shoeing ? That's a fantastic winter sport.

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1/21/12 1:08 P

You can go to a store and window shop for skis. The sales people will help you find your correct size/length. Then, you can go online and get your skis.

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1/21/12 12:45 P

Does anyone know, I want to try cross country skiing. Nothing fast as I've never done it, just flat few small hills to start. My question is how do I know the skis will hold my weight and I won't break them or sink into the snow? I want to look on kijiji and see about getting a cheap set of skis and I think I found an ok pair but before I ask to check them out I need to know what I am looking for. Any help would be awesome! ~Posting in the message boards too

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