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Here's a long list I copied and pasted that you might be able to pluck ideas from. Sorry if this takes up a lot of the page. Hope this helps!

Wii Not Fit
Out Of Shape
Masters of the Gym
Hungry Hungry Hippos
Wii Unfit
The Waist Watchers
Gym Class Heroes
Wii Fat
Badunkadunk Busters
Mission Slimpossible
Skinny Up
Cut the Caboose
Good Bye Lovehandles
Muffin Top Stoppers
Got Fat
Company Cupcakes Cutting down
Tons of Fun
Skinny Bou's
Starvin Six
Journey to Lose
Operation Narrow Waiste
Target Weigh-less
Skinny-sized booties
Exiling our oversized booties
Thin to Win
Sassy by Summer
Not Larch by March
Say No to Ticking Health Time Bombs
Weapons of Mass Reduction
Cupcakes Anonymous
The Twinkie Defense
Let's lose the caboose
Tons of fun
Your Loss
Born to Lose
Dude, where's my gut?
Will jog for Fries
No Mo Junk in da Trunk
Top heavy
Cruisin' for losin'
The Meltaways
Winning Losers
The burning lipids
Workout Wonders
The Slims
The Smalls
Fatties No More
Team McSlim
Team McTrim
The Losemore Fam
Muffin Abductors
Bubble Butts
Bye Bye Bubble Butts
SUFFIXES - Words to Add to the END of your company name:
Company: Walmart + "Slimpossible" = Walmart Slimpossibles
Caboose Cutters
Lovehandle Losers
Muffin-top Droppers
Muffin-top Stoppers
Booty Busters
Bootie Busters
Extreme Makeover - Booty Edition
Chubby No More's
Excess Baggage
Waist Removal
Chunky Monkeys
Weight Strippers
Pound Droppers
Belly Dumpers
Scale Tippers
Slim Pancakes

11/21/13 9:25 P

Hi! I am looking for creative team names for a dirty girl mud 5k run I am going to do in Sept. 2014 in Buffalo, NY ......I must have lost my mind so if you find it maybe I will get smart and not do this haha I am not in shape at all......I hope I have enough time to get into shape :( anyhow I am going to at least give it a try so I would love a cute, fun team name :) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and any advice on training too

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