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2/1/13 8:32 A

Thanks for the suggestions!! Have a great day

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1/29/13 9:20 A

It appears with your schedule that you don't have a lot of time to actually sit and eat. I would suggest things that you can eat cold or room temp. Maybe pack extra sandwiches, fruit and lots of raw veggies. maybe some hummus and crackers. and it you do have time to sit, you can always make a large salad. maybe on a day off, you can prep about three or 4 different meals. Freeze the correct portions and pull out and then warm them up.

KIMSUE51 SparkPoints: (434)
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1/29/13 9:08 A

I need help in figuring out how to eat or plan meals for a couplke crazy schedule days. On Fridays I work my normal shift 7a-3p. Then I go to our base and work 6p-6a(Sat). I am an EMT and I work during the week in an office for saftey training on a construction site, then Friday night I dispatch. This first week I did normal breakfast and lunch, but wasn't able to get anything fior dinner, had a bagel that I had with me. My calorie for the day like 906. But then Sat I slept till 2pm,ot up had a slice of pizza, showered and went to work (OT) same shift 6p-6a. calorie intake again around 900. Sun got up around 12:30, ran to grocery store, daughter grabbed us a doughnut and coffee from DD.Had dinner and apple and banana. I believe calorie intake again was around 850-900. Any suggestions on the type of foods to eat or how to plan and eat enough that metabilism isn't shutting down??????? I love this site!

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