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10/12/13 10:33 A

If restaurant dining is the problem, check out this article with 85 strategies:

Desserts at a restaurant always push my button----but my family and friends are always willing to get 1 and share. All I need are 2-3 bites to take care of the desire.

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10/12/13 5:34 A

EERTOLA: I don't eat at restaurants too often, a couple of times a month. But when I do, I usually give in to "proximity cravings." I know that if, for example, I eat 1500 calories past my daily maintenance at the restaurant by enjoying some fries and/or a good dessert and/or some beer, I have gained about 1/2 pound. So if that bothers me, for the next week, I will exercise a bit more and/or cut 200 or so calories for a few days.

Or, and I don't know if this is good advice, but a person can do the opposite and anticipate giving into "proximity cravings" and lose 1/2 pound BEFORE going to the restaurant.

For some people giving into cravings seem to cause a binge-eating effect; but for others, like me, giving into cravings is a good way for me to eat healthy most of the time but allow some treat meals once in a while, too.

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10/11/13 11:10 P

For me a lot depends on the reason for the craving. Generally it is because I haven't had something for a fair while. To help reduce this happening, I don't deprive myself of anything. I give myself permission to eat whatever I want (in weight loss mode) 1 day per 2 weeks, and in maintenance, i day per week (but the latter I still stick to my over-all weight-loss calories to accommodate that.)

I can't say where it comes to a restaurant, because I don't eat in them.


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10/11/13 9:10 P

in your situation, I guess I would drink my water while I thought about how many calories, fat would destroy my diet plan for the day

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10/11/13 6:50 P

I craved meatloaf today. It was great... emoticon emoticon emoticon

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10/11/13 6:34 P

How do you distract yourself IN THE MOMENT to get past the craving? Let's say it's a situation where you can't just get up and get away from a proximity craving (like at a restaurant, when you're trying really hard to order something healthier), what do you do?!

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