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RUDBECKIA13 Posts: 23
5/29/13 5:39 P

Thanks everyone - you all had great advice that I will remember the next time I get an itch. Things have been going OK. We had a death in the family and so with all the planning and relatives, food planning went out the door for about 4 days. I am feeling ready to start tracking again tomorrow. I am not going on the scale for my weekly weigh in, however, because I know I'll be un-inspired and I need inspiration to start the tracking again. Know thyself!
I'd love to hear more from this group. It seems like we have similar struggles and good ideas to share!

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (500,810)
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Posts: 43,801
5/9/13 6:33 A

For me, deprivation doesn't work. I would get a piece of very dark bittersweet chocolate and break it into small pieces. Allow ONE, and let it melt slowly. One piece of really dak bitter chocolate usually does it.
That time of day is my worst, too!

KYLIESCHELLE SparkPoints: (27,450)
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5/9/13 12:23 A

Dark chocolate does have some health benefits. Maybe you can try that next time you have a craving. I always keep some in the pantry and find that a little goes a long way. Just a thought that it might be easier to add in small amounts of dark chocolate rather than depriving yourself of chocolate all together. Good luck whatever you end up doing.

MEME102 Posts: 12,225
5/8/13 11:05 P

Rather than doing without chocolate (or ice cream or any other sweet treat) for a full 2 weeks -- why not see if you can do it for 2 days....then come up with some reward for yourself and then go another 2 days....and then another. The reward part is important And actually -- I'd be happy if I'd go for a full week. I have found in myself that going without is just too much deprivation so I work towards 'controlling the beast'. I plan something either at the end of my day or end of week - whatever you choose - and that's the time to indulge yourself ---- or not. The control is yours. And it is always tracked!!

Good luck...

HARTLEEB Posts: 42
5/8/13 10:21 P

i don't crave chocolate, my weakness is ice cream. I treated myself over the weekend, and now all I want is more....more....I just want more (laughing at the commercial) usually takes a couple of weeks to get it out of my head...hope it goes away a little faster...

i try to reward myself in the get to have it only for a special occasion.

KDKA1947 SparkPoints: (1,554)
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5/8/13 2:24 P

Hard for me to talk you down...cause I am the same way!! But we both need to learn to do without that and only have it once in a while. Even harder when your co-workers like to bring in good food.... and some of it is chocolate. BE STRONG!!

RUDBECKIA13 Posts: 23
5/8/13 2:21 P

It's the 2-3pm witching hour and I'm craving chocolate! I am trying not to have chocolate for at least 2 weeks to prove to myself that it can be done. Talk me down! :)

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