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10/31/12 10:50 A

Yeah, I finally found a store locally that carries the lower sodium Breakstone. It's not a convenient store, but I try to go. Only, they're always sold out of it when I make it there. I end up with the Breakstone Live Active singles which have inulin fiber and are a little smaller serving size. Those 2 attributes combined make it a little lower in sodium than the original.

BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
10/31/12 10:02 A

Breakstone is lower in sodium, 2%. I have to watch my sodium intake.

LAHUDSONCHEF SparkPoints: (25,396)
Fitness Minutes: (33,135)
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10/31/12 12:45 A

I love it, too, but the sodium kills me. Hence searching for a lower sodium version. I might try to order that no salt added one online. If I can. We'll see.

10/30/12 11:20 P

I LOVE cottage cheese. It's one of my splurges that I won't give up no matter what the nutrition value! I don't eat it often though!

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
10/30/12 6:09 P

I use it.. and it's so much better with some low sodium salsa mixed in.. absolutely splendid, no flat taste!

LAHUDSONCHEF SparkPoints: (25,396)
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10/2/12 10:34 P

Yeah, I saw Friendship listed online, but it's not down here.

SKINNYJEANS180 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/2/12 8:38 P

Friendship Brand makes a low fat cottage cheese with 60 mg sodium-available at some Wal Marts.

LAHUDSONCHEF SparkPoints: (25,396)
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9/27/12 2:05 P

Never seen Lucerne down here.

SOCAL_LEE SparkPoints: (43,325)
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9/27/12 2:01 P

Lucerne makes a no-salt-added cottage cheese. If your local supermarket carries Lucerne, but not that product, try asking the store manager if they'll stock it.

LAHUDSONCHEF SparkPoints: (25,396)
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9/27/12 12:56 P

Ricotta's just not the right texture. I did find online Friendship brand no salt added cottage cheese, but I can't find a store in my area who carries it. I wonder if I like the cottage cheese BECAUSE of the salt? Just found that one of my stores has Breakstone's 30% lower sodium cottage cheese. Hope it's better than the stuff with inulin fiber!

PJANTO Posts: 79
9/27/12 12:18 P

I read somewhere that the salt is necessary to help prevent spoilage. Have you tried ricotta cheese as a substitute? It has about 300 mg/cup as apposed to 900. I love cottage cheese! I think it's because of the salt though . emoticon

LAHUDSONCHEF SparkPoints: (25,396)
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9/27/12 12:54 A

I already use Greek yogurt, Dannon. I just really like cottage cheese, and was appalled to realize how much salt is in it.

I've not ever seen either of the brands you mention at my local stores. Wonder if that would be a trip to Whole Foods?

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
9/26/12 9:55 P

I know I've seen it at my regular grocery store. I think it is either Knudsen or Darigold brand, but I will look next time I go shopping. I've been meaning to get some myself to see if it will work as a protein source for smoothies.

You might also try Greek yogurt. It doesn't have the sodium, but has almost as much protein as cottage cheese and can be used for some of the same things (i.e. eaten topped with fruit or nuts). The Fage brand is not as tangy as some other plain yogurts.

9/26/12 9:28 A

I haven't heard of or seen any low-sodium cottage cheese in a regular grocery store, unless they have it somewhere like Whole Foods.

Breakstones, to me, is one of the worst cottage cheese brands. It's so grainy/gritty and weird.

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LAHUDSONCHEF SparkPoints: (25,396)
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9/25/12 3:26 P

Okay... So, I just opened the Breakstone's I mentioned above. Umm...yeah...not gonna buy this again. Guess it's the fiber, but the texture is just wrong.

So, I'm still asking if anyone knows of a low-sodium cottage cheese???


LAHUDSONCHEF SparkPoints: (25,396)
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Posts: 896
9/25/12 1:30 P

Does anyone know of a low-sodium cottage cheese? I love the stuff, but it's too much salt for such a small serving size. I did find Breakstone's cottage cheese singles with inulin fiber. The serving size is a tad smaller than if you buy the regular stuff so the sodium is a tad lower, but so is the protein, etc.

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