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MCLORI1974 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/27/11 6:54 P

I really like it too. I find it to have a very mild flavor. Actually had it for lunch with lettuce tomato, pepper and honey mustard in a 12 grain wrap.
Really very good!

SKINNYBITICH SparkPoints: (0)
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4/27/11 6:50 P

I also didn't like cottage cheese until I whipped it with my magic bullet to get rid of the lumps (texture thing) and it tasted like sour cream to me.

BETH_FROM_LA Posts: 348
4/27/11 4:42 P

First, I like 2% 100% more than fat free.

Second, if you don't like the texture, Lifeway has a similar product called Farmer's cheese, it comes in regular and lowfat, no fat free. It comes in a rectangular see-through tub and has a much more uniform texture.

4/27/11 4:35 P

Yummy, I go through a carton a week with my hubby. I prefer mine with just black pepper. Good on a baked potato or chopped hard boiled egg. LOVE IT

4/27/11 3:57 P

I like cottage cheese lots of ways, but my favorite is with the juice from a can of peaches. I like it runny! And I like the large curd, the small is weird to me lol. emoticon

4/27/11 12:35 P

I spoon a bit over pears - the tangy, salty cottage cheese with the sweet fruit is so good! It is also good with a spoon of jam on top, like the single serving cottage cheese things at the grocery store.

SILVETTE SparkPoints: (0)
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4/27/11 10:38 A

Yep - I 2nd that motion on the black pepper!

black pepper and then spread it on wheatthins *drool* emoticon

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/27/11 1:20 A

I personally love it with black pepper.. its already too salty. I do think that adding fruit to it makes it nasty though.. too runny

MOMWANNABSLIM SparkPoints: (0)
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4/27/11 1:04 A

All this talk of cottage cheese makes me want to eat some!!!!
Way to try something new!!!

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
3/30/11 6:23 P

Breakstone makes cottage cheese doubles - cottage cheese with fruit in one package. It costs around $1 and it's not bad. I prefer fresh fruit ... but the breakstone double option is pretty good!

THEAMAZINGKAT SparkPoints: (1,206)
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3/30/11 3:29 P

I tried it with raspberries today... the raspberries almost completely covered up the taste. But yeah you're right, I don't know about eating a full serving by itself. I tried it without any fruits the first time, just because I wasn't going to ruin any fruit on something too gross... like I said to me it was like bland cheese curds, but I can't see eating it by itself.

LAURA_LYNN SparkPoints: (18,299)
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3/30/11 2:15 P

mmm, cottage cheese is sooooo goooood, adding peaches must be yummylicious!! :)

SUNSHINE7352 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 1:57 P

I tried the cottage cheese today for breakfast. It is different. I tried it plain and it's not too bad, but I think a whole serving of it plain might be a little too much (taste wise). I quite enjoyed it with the serving of peaches I mixed in though. It's really not all that bad. Hooray! We survived!

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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3/30/11 1:14 A

Yeah!! Good for you for trying something new!

THEAMAZINGKAT SparkPoints: (1,206)
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Posts: 182
3/30/11 12:44 A

Well.... I did it........... I'm not completely sure if I like it or not...

It tastes like cheese curds, go figure, kinda bland cheese curds. I'm definitely glad I got large curd stuff, and I'm glad I mixed something with it just because it's a weird gross type of texture. I don't know, I guess I can get used to it... I need to add calcium to my diet I might eat it...who knows........Everyone thanks for the opinions and whatnot!!!!!!!!! And sunshine..... if you like cheese curds (Like Wisconsin fresh squeaky cheese curds, not battered and fried cheese curds, I don't know if they're as popular in other states as they are around here.) you might like it... maybe... I don't know. Like I said still undecided...

DEVORA4 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/30/11 12:31 A


SUNSHINE7352 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/29/11 11:12 P

I've got some peaches here. I think I'm going to try it with that tomorrow. Here goes nothing right!?

PRECEDENT2 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/29/11 11:01 P


CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
3/29/11 10:42 P

I like mine with pepper instead of fruit. I actually do not like it with fruit.(Unless it's also got cool whip and jello mixed into it but then its got more calories. LOL)

THEAMAZINGKAT SparkPoints: (1,206)
Fitness Minutes: (1,510)
Posts: 182
3/29/11 9:35 P

Sunshine... I'll take you up on that :) I bought a thingy of it today, I got the whole milk kind, because it seems like a lot of people have said that it tastes different the lower the fat content? I kinda don't get enough fat in my diet anyways..... so.....yeah. Still scared of it, I have yet to open it..... it's just staring me down from the fridge... Any fruit in particular that goes well with it? I have fruit cups, blueberries,
raspberries, strawberries, bananas, pears, plums, oranges, apples........ thats about the line up there... any suggestions on what to try first? I am someone who doesn't let it go if a food betrays me so if I try it and it's highly disgusting to me the first time I won't look back at it again. So what is best to try first time out?

SUNSHINE7352 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 278
3/29/11 2:11 P

Tapping Heels, Since we're both kind of scared of cottage cheese I think we should try it together. We can both buy a small carton and try it with fruit. ;)

TIME2LOSE428 Posts: 186
3/29/11 2:03 P

I love cottage cheese. It doesn't taste sour to me. I prefer the low-fat kind with fruit mixed in, or topped with a generous helping of black pepper. It has a tangy, cheesy taste. It's hard to describe.

Go ahead and buy a small tub and try it a couple of different ways, if you can. It'll only cost you a couple of dollars, so no need to feel bad if you hate it and throw it away!

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,952
3/29/11 2:03 P

Cottage cheese does not taste like yogurt. It is creamy and I personally love it. But my husband won't even touch it. SOme people just don't like it and think its rotten milk. Its not like cottage cheese is hidden in foods. There are plenty of other healthy foods to eat. If you don't want to try it just move on.

KAYLORRAINE44 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/29/11 1:58 P

I had it once thinking after a race and I spat it back out. It was very sour and I couldn't get past that. Some people may like it. I imagine if you like plain yogurt, you might enjoy cottage cheese.

THEPIA Posts: 298
3/29/11 1:43 P

Cottage cheese is perhaps my favorite food in the world. I could eat a whole container of it in one sitting (I never have, but I've come close as a child). I'm one of the weird people that doesn't like anything mixed in with it, but I do like it on salad instead of dressing. I have tried every brand and milkfat version that I can find around me and always go back to Anderson Erickson's Old Fashioned.. which is only available in the Midwest.. Restaurants do serve it, so you can try it there if you want.

MAURMAUR Posts: 548
3/29/11 1:07 P

i despise cottage cheese. i also think it looks like rotten milk, and i think it tastes like it to.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (191,899)
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Posts: 9,234
3/29/11 12:45 P

People have always said that it tastes like ricotta cheese. It doesn't. It's tangier, and I find the texture in my mouth deplorable. The chunks...I can't get passed it.

JOKR23 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,612)
Posts: 416
3/29/11 12:36 P

I like it, it's really mild and my mind it's kind of a cross between mozzarella and cream cheese. I eat it plain, I don't mix it with anything, although having it over a baked potato sounds great!
I agree though, I wouldn't advise getting the fat free kind right off the start - I buy 1% and the difference between that and the fat free is (to me at least) the difference between 'won't touch it' and 'love it, taking it for lunch today'

Buy a small container and give it a try :)

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 13,413
3/29/11 11:53 A

Hey, I have an idea for ya....why don't you go buy some and try it???
If you hate it you'll only be out about $1.50 and if you like it then you've found something great to add to your diet plan.

I personally love the stuff. It's so versatile in what you can do with it.

DEANAC20 Posts: 3,205
3/29/11 10:22 A

I don't love cottage cheese, but I don't hate it eiter. Every now and then I like it as a snack for something different. It's pretty good if you have 1/2 cup with 1 cup of strawberries and 2 fat free graham crackers. I actually did love it over a baked sweet potato with chopped green onion. Was a great substitute for sour cream on a baked potato. Flavor wise? I'd say kind of a cross between yogurt and cream cheese.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,452
3/29/11 10:14 A

It tastes really gross and I dislike it so much I won't touch it.

There are so many healthy foods out there. One doesn't have to subject themselves to cottage cheese

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ANDERKAT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 149
3/29/11 9:54 A

If you like cheese, and other dairy products like yogurt, cream cheese and sour cream, chances are you will like the taste of cottage cheese. It has a mild taste, not sour, and the taste will get a little stronger as it ages. I would suggest that you buy a small container, try it when fresh, then a few days later, and even a few days later, until you find the age you like. Trying it at a restuarant will not give you a valid taste test.

The texture is similar to a medium soft cheese - it is cheese curd that hasn't been aged or pressed into a block to form cheese, and still has some of the whey with it.

I love cottage cheese, especially as it ages a bit - I don't like to add anything to it, as I enjoy the taste. But, it does go well with many fruits.

JIVALGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,852)
Posts: 251
3/29/11 9:53 A

I actually prefer it plain or mixed in with scrambled eggs and salsa. It makes them creamy and is a good substitute to regular cheese.

THE_GOPHER Posts: 328
3/29/11 9:50 A

I love cottage cheese. I don't find that it tastes sour at all. I buy the fat free version. I love it with fruit in it, plain, salt and pepper, or a I make twice baked potatoes with it that are incredibly delicious.

Fitness Minutes: (5,030)
Posts: 387
3/29/11 9:00 A

I've started to really enjoy this stuff!! I get the small curd, low fat (can't find any fat free around here).I measure one cup cottage cheese then I put in a box of raisins and a 3 tablespoons of fat free cool whip. To me it tastes like ice cream with only 310 calories, 38 carbs and 3 fat.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
3/29/11 8:52 A

But don't give up after tasting it once. Different brands taste differently and the size of the curd and fat content also make a difference. I only like the large curd 4% fat. I can't eat the small curd or lower fat varieties except when including it in a recipe.

MMCDAN03 Posts: 305
3/29/11 8:46 A

Tastes like a creamy mushed up version of a really mild mozzerella. Fruit is good with it but I prefer tomato, some salt, and lots of pepper with mine. That is if there is any left after the hubby and kids have dug into the container.

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (318,254)
Fitness Minutes: (95,185)
Posts: 21,344
3/29/11 6:38 A

its not "nasty" nor like "sour milk"

Its incredibly versatile and very good for you.

I make chocolate pudding with it all the time.

SWEETRED33 Posts: 21
3/29/11 1:54 A

I like it with salt and pepper.. it taste like.. salt and pepper! lol.. nah it taste like a cheese to me.

THEAMAZINGKAT SparkPoints: (1,206)
Fitness Minutes: (1,510)
Posts: 182
3/29/11 1:33 A

I'm still not convinced it's the best thing... wonder if they serve it in like a restaurant so I can just be like...ew it's gross and turn my back on it forever without it turning into the mysterious container in the back that has been in the refrigerator since the dawn of time and has an expiration date from 15 years ago...

MOMWANNABSLIM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,092)
Posts: 260
3/29/11 1:33 A

not sweet.....
Maybe you need to think cream cheese, but the texture will be different.
I like it. The 2% was a good idea.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
Fitness Minutes: (69,867)
Posts: 3,526
3/29/11 1:24 A

cottage cheese by itself is nasty. It tastes like sour milk. The good news is, once you add fruit it morphs into an awesome tasting dish. I don't know why that is. I can't eat it alone, but it is great with pineapple or peaches. I eat is regularly as a snack.

Also, I would NOT suggest the fat free kind. Get the 2% milkfat, because the fat free stuff is just plain gross. Serving is 1/2 cup, which is decent. I use 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, and 1/2 cup of pineapple chunks - good stuff

3/29/11 12:16 A

I'm not a huge lover of cottage cheese, but I liked it when I was little. I'm currently in the processing of teaching myself to like it again. ;)

It's definitely not sweet. It's tangy and I can't decide if I'm supposed to chew it or just swallow it.

I have yet to mix anything with it, but I'm anxious to hear of other people's advice :)

THEAMAZINGKAT SparkPoints: (1,206)
Fitness Minutes: (1,510)
Posts: 182
3/29/11 12:11 A

I can't get over the fact that cottage cheese looks like rotten cuddled milk, but everyone is all like "OH!!! it's awesome with fruit! I love it.. it's great blah blah blah...." So... what exactly does it taste like? I've never had it, don't know if I really want to have it... does it taste like cheese or does it taste like something else... like yogurt where it's all sweet or something.... I don't know...

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