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7/13/13 7:38 A

One other note. I found it impossible to lose weight without cardio - something very hard to do with bad knees. So I wrapped my knee in an elastic bandage and did the twenty minute Zumba video faithfully every day (modifying some movements). It worked up a sweat and the movements are very good. It didn't matter how low my caloric intake was, I had to move. Strength training builds muscle weight, which is good, but you have to burn fat and that can only be done with cardio movements.

Your knee sounds injured. I had a soft tissue sarcoma behind my knee that I passed off as arthritis. Get to an ortho! Please.

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7/13/13 7:32 A

I've also had great results from cortisone shots. See an orothopedic surgeon. My knee looked like a melon and even though my primary care doctor sent me for an MRI ($1500), the surgeon didn't even look at it. He took an xray and I had several things wrong with my knee.

His assistant drained about a quart of fluid off and injected the cortisone at the same time. This was done three times. It didn't hurt at all. I had one in my heel once and that was extremely painful, but in the end I am fine and walking.

You don't need to spend six years and $$$ to lose weight. First, you need to get the knee treated and then do exercises that will strengthen the muscles around your knee. Losing weight eventually led to overall well being and once the weight was off I could exercise more efficiently. It's hard with bad knees and pain.

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7/11/13 10:15 A

I think your Dr. is right you need to find out what is wrong first.
My experience with cortisone shots were great. I had a frozen shoulder and the shots made it possible to do stretches so I could get better.

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7/11/13 9:34 A

If your knee is still swollen, I'd say get to an orthopedist/orthopedic surgeon ASAP. A joint being swollen for that long is generally an indicator for serious damage. Cortisone shots don't fix the underlying problem, just reduce the swelling for a month or 2. They also tend to lose effectiveness after about 3 shots.

Is there an independent testing center (Quest Diagnostics, etc) that you could try to schedule an MRI at instead of a hospital? Seriously, you need to get this checked out.

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7/11/13 9:18 A

Does anyone have any experience with receiving
cortizone shots
i fell on sidewalk in new orleans last november
and my right knee is still swollen

i joined curves in may - seems to help building muscle -
dunno if i am bulding up my knee
now my left knee is hurting on the inside of it --

i usually do 2 circuits of machines but when my knees are aching i do only one

at least i am showing up - for my 50 bucks a month I have to get my moneys worth

dr mentioned me getting an mri done ya well usually takes 6 months to a year to get an appointment --
if i could just loose some weight -- grrrr
when i started in may curves i gained 4 lbs - then 2 weeks ago i weighed myself at cousins scale - i lost 6 lbs . then again that could just be water - as i was taking my water pills faithfully ---
losing weight so frustrating - one lady said to me on saturday she joined curves 7 years ago and lost 90 lbs -- omg i am NOT spending 600 a year for 7 yrs to loose 90 lbs --
i want to tone up - build muscle and i got one year membership - thats it then i find something else - in a year to do --

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